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A three (or four) piece outfit, named after my friend Alee because I love her.


2k or 4k textures;

2 texture options for the top, one toggle to remove the bra part (mat A row 1 to color the bra and mat 16 to color the harness)
3 texture options for the bottoms, toggles to remove the harness, the front part or the back part of the pants, or both to turn them into shorts


- Bibo S/M/L/XL/Uranus chest + S/M/L legs
- YAB S/M/L chest + Watermelon and Skull crusher legs + Default and small butt
- Bimbo S/M/L Chest + legs
- Rue Almond chest + legs
- Nymph AFAB and AMAB + YAB leg compatibility

- Default
- Slim
- X
- Highlander
AFAB and AMAB for all

Credits: Yurippie & Demi-Fiend

As always, bug reports/mod help go in my server, discord.gg/nightingales.

You'll need to install the texture modpack regardless of which upscale you're using, and the YAB modpack to apply metadata changes on. (I apologize for the inconvenient packing, I'm trying to find a better solution for future mods with many variants x.x)

Contains a retopod, retextured licensed asset.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gp-7hkn6jZfjG5DLdtEMODRYn6I0d9l6/view?usp=sharing



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