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July's outfit for ravens, because I'm late - again.

Features: top, gloves, shoes and optionally ring.

2k or 4k textures.

2 dress colorset options: shiny and matte.

3 armor colorset options: silver, gold, and black

Masc characters have the option of having heels or flat shoes. (Only masc because I got this idea near the end, sorry!)

A lot of variant edits so you can take off pieces of armor you dislike. Beneath the armor the dress and shoes are textured to not look plain.

Claws can be on an accessory if you wish to wear them with something else, but are otherwise on gloves too.

Dress is fit so that it doesn't clip with tight pants; it might clip with some pants that are loose fit or weirdly fit. My pants or vanilla upscales should generally be fine.

Please visit this link for more previews without shaders, dyes, etc: https://imgur.com/a/nxzU7wJ

Made from scratch.

Body sizes:

- Bibo S/M/L/XL/Uranus chest
- YAB S/M/L chest with Watermelon and Skull crusher leg clearance
- Bimbo S/M/L Chest
- Rue Almond chest
- Nymph with YAB leg clearance option included

TBSE (ONLY midlander based males)
- Default
- Slim
- X

Credits: Yurippie & Demi-Fiend

As always, bug reports and mod help go in my discord.gg/nightingales.

Replaces: Seigneur's set

YAB is the main install on lower priority, upscales on higher.

DL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uqYQ7ozGYvfR9mvVH8NDskoze7CQOGpk/view?usp=sharing



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