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How to get your session key

Patreon, Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Fantia, Boosty, Afdian

Kemono needs your session key in order to access posts from the artists you are subscribed to.

Below are the respective cookies for the supported paysites.

  • For Patreon, your session key is under session_id.
  • For Fanbox, your session key is under FANBOXSESSID.
  • For Gumroad, your session key is under _gumroad_app_session.
  • For SubscribeStar, your session key is under _personalization_id.
  • For Fantia, your session key is under _session_id.
  • For Boosty, your session key is under auth.
  • For Afdian, your session key is under auth_token.

After going to the paysite you want to import and signing in, ( Patreon / Fanbox / Gumroad / SubscribeStar / Fantia / Boosty / Afdian ) you need to find where cookies are located in your browser.


  • Press F12 to open Developer tools. If it didn't work for you try Ctrl+Shift+I or right click inspect element.
  • In the menu at the top, navigate to "Application" tab, if this isn't visible at a first glance simply press >> for more tabs.
  • Select Application in Developer tools.
  • In the "Application" tab, go to "Cookies".
  • Within the "Cookies" dropdown, select "patreon.com".
  • Now in list of cookies find session_id and select it, copy the contents and that will be the value you will use.
  • Copy cookie in the correct menu
  • Paste the content of the cookie you copied and submit in the Kemono import page


  • Ensure "Show Develop Menu" is enabled in Preferences (⌘,)
  • Open Web Inspector (⌘⌥I)
  • Go to Storage > Cookies
  • Right-click the cookie for your service and click "Copy"


  • Open DevTools by pressing F12 and open the Storage tab
  • Go to Cookies > [site]
  • Go to Storage > Cookies
  • Right-click the cookie for your service and click "Copy"

For other browsers, please consult browser documentation on how to access stored cookies.


Getting your token

  • Open Discord in browser of your choice
  • Open DevTools (F12, Safari see above)
  • Go to Console Tab
  • Paste and execute the following snippet: (webpackChunkdiscord_app.push([[''],{},e=>{m=[];for(let c in e.c)m.push(e.c[c])}]),m).find(m=>m?.exports?.default?.getToken!==void 0).exports.default.getToken()
  • A "slightly.long.string" will be returned at the bottom of the console. Copy the contents between "". This is your self token.

The above should work with most browsers and the official Discord App, although you open the DevTools via the following combination in the App Ctrl + Shift + I

Instructions on how to get the channel IDs can be found here.