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Contains various customizable options.

Can be removed via toggles or metadata:

One part of the leg, the other part of the leg, turned into shorts.

The belts can also be removed.

By default, only the shirt is dyeable.

Fit around:


- Bibo S/M/L/XL/Uranus chest + S/M/L legs

- YAB S/M/L chest + Watermelon and Skull crusher legs + Default and small butt

- Bimbo S/M/L Chest + legs

- Rue Almond chest + legs

- Nymph AFAB and AMAB + YAB leg compatibility 


- Default

- Slim

- X

AFAB and AMAB for all

Credits: Yurippie & Demi-Fiend

Colorset row info along with metadata info is included in the texture modpack.

Contains a licensed MD projected that I retopod, retextured, changed, etc.

As always, bug reports go in my discord, discord.gg/nightingales.



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