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A highly customizable two piece outfit.

The pants have metadata toggles to:

remove butt covers, remove the laces, turn them into shorts, and remove the metallic rivets

Sizes & credits:

- YAB all sizes
- Bimbo all sizes
- Bibo S/M/Vegan/XL/ Uranus chest = S/M/L hips
- Rue almond chest
- Nymph with YAB Watermelon AFAB and AMAB options

- Default
- Slim
- X
- TBSE-X for Highlander
AFAB and AMAB for all

Credits: Yurippie for YAB + TBSE, Demi-Fiend for Rue + Nymph, Key for Bibo, Wren for Vegan, Zizi for Bimbo, Hilde for Highlander-X

Mod help and bug reports go in my server, discord.gg/nightingales.

Custom mod; the pants are a licensed asset that has been retopod, heavily modified and retextured.

Default download is YAB.

Early access, public in 2-3 months.



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