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You will be receiving the harness and chains you see in the preview, not the clothes.

This is an accessory mod, which means that it can go over clothing. For that reason, it is fit loosely and it's impossible to make it fit well with every clothing mod available. Nonetheless, me and the upscalers tried our best to find a balance between fitting around clothes without clipping and not making it -too- loose.

Additionally, because it's chains, there might be clipping and less than round bends sometimes.

Should fit multiple bodies, but is guaranteed to fit around:

Fit for : YAB, Bimbo, Rue, Nymph, Bibo, Uranus, Vegan, TBSE, TBSE Slim, TBSE X, TBSE Highlander

Credits: Yurippie, Demi-Fiend, & Hilde

Contains options to hide the upper harness or the lower harness.

Bug reports and mod help in my discord.gg/nightingales, please!

Contains a modified and retextured licensed asset.



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