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June's raven outfit, as I'm late with it. I spent a lot of time working on it, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Fit around:


- S/M/Vegan/XL/Uranus chest + S/M/L Legs

- Yet Another Body S/M/L chest + Watermelon and Skull Crusher Legs

- Rue Almond + Legs

- Bimbo S/M/L chest + Legs

- Nymph with YAB compatability AFAB + AMAB options


- Default

- Slim

- X

AFAB and AMAB options for all

Credit: Yurippie for YAB+TBSE+Bimbo, Key for Bibo, Wren for Vegan, Demi-fiend for Nymph+Rue

Contains metadata toggles to:

Turn off the metal spikes on the pants, make the pants into shorts, and to turn off the metal spikes on the top as well as turn off the metal on the choker.

The leather can be made less shiny via colorset editing in penumbra by making the specular black on mat A row 16, both top and bottom. 

To make the shoe soles black and matte, edit mat B colorset 16 to have both diffuse and specular black.

Bug reports and mod help go in my server, discord.gg/nightingales.

Made from scratch, shoes are a modified and retextured licensed asset.



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