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Upscaled to:


- YAB S/M/L + Watermelon and Skull Crusher Legs

- Bibo S/M/Vegan/XL/Uranus + S/M/L Legs

- Rider Thick Modest Chest + Plump Legs

- Nymph with Bibo Large + YAB compatibility for both AFAB and AMAB

- Rue Almond

- Lithe S/M/L + Vanilla and Thick Legs

- Bimbo S/M/L


- Default

- Slim

- X

- Highlander X

- Will be updated with Echo.

Credit to: Yurippie, Demi-Fiend, Devo, Mew, Kiko, Hilde, Zizi & Key

Shoes are a modified and retextured licensed asset, rest is scratch.

My server, discord.gg/nightingales, is the place for bug reports and mod help.

Metadata changes: The harness and respectively the dress can be turned off via metadata A and B.

You can change the color of the harness via Colorset 16 of Mat B, and of the clasps via colorset 16 of Mat C.



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