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For the glory of mankind.

My most cursed and complex mod yet. Design by dishwasher.

It contains 2k and 4k textures.

Functional for gameplay, but expect clipping with the sleeves in certain poses or actions. They were weighed as best as we could.

The top is not very C+ friendly. The skirt is C+ friendly with Customize's new features.

Upscaled to:


- Nymph + Bibo Large leg AFAB & AMAB

- Bimbo S/M/L

- YAB S/M/L + Buff, Watermelon & Skull Crusher legs

- Bibo S/M/Vegan/XL/Uranus + S/M/L legs

- Lithe S/M/L + Vanilla & Thick legs

- Rue Almond


- Default

- Slim

- X

- Echo Flat/Non-Op Petite + AFAB & AMAB legs

Thank you to Demi, Kiko, Yurippie, and Key for the upscales!

DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IZvjz1eN-FSMK6mWBQdcL7y5MY-YJJiV/view?usp=sharing

Replaces 2B set.



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