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contains 4k and 2k texture variants

toggle variants: corset only, jacket only; no fishnet, no belts, no fishnet or belts

Texture variants

- Latex, but dye it jet black or any other color for it to become leather

- Velveteen, VERY BLACK cloth, but dye it and it becomes a bit shinier

the coat is not on an accessory, the arm chains are on a ring

Current available sizes:


- S/M/XL/Uranus + S/M/L Legs

- Lithe S/M/L + Vanilla/Thick Legs

- Rue Almond

- YAB S/M/L Buff or Default + Watermelon or Skull Crusher Legs

- Nymph with Bibo Large and YAB WC compatability AFAB or AMAB


- Default

- Slim

- X

AFAB or AMAB for all

Will be updated with:


-Highlander X




flame elite cuirass & trousers and brand new ring

credits: demi-fiend, yurippie, key, kiko

bug reports or mod help go in discord.gg/nightingales

DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TMJIFeuNukt6VMwVKA_0A1g5CEf35JWC/view?usp=sharing



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