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So initially I wanted to fix deduplication and scene detection for fractional factors but it took a bit longer than expected, but that's not a big deal because I managed to add a bunch of other useful stuff in the meantime.

Custom interpolation are now enabled by default (instead of being a hidden config option), you can now set a target framerate with RIFE-NCNN, Flowframes should prevent Windows from going to sleep, video encoding (esp. AV1) is faster by default, plus some other small fixes.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.





Ty, but no matter what settings I use with RIFE, it keeps coming back to me saying "Auto-Encode encountered an error" then interpolation cancels automatically... I'm trying to turn a 4K 60FPS video to a 4K 240fps video. It worked in the free version on RIFE 3.1 just fine with HEVC, H.265 and H.264... So I know my hardware supports that interpolation frame rate. I'm gonna have to go back to the free version until this is fixed. I haven't tried it in ur older paid ones yet tho


I'm running into errors saying the Python runtime can't be found. It suggests I redownload flowframes with the embedded python runtime or install python myself. Python is installed already, though :)