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Fractional interpolation now works fine with RIFE-NCNN, both scene detection and deduplication have been fixed.

Also, the RIFE 4.1 model has been added to RIFE CUDA and NCNN however the NCNN version seems to be broken and causes flickering. Stick to 4.0 for now.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.





Well, it turns out that unchecking the "Make Output Match Input Duration" option was a solution to make past generating the frame order step. Not sure why that option is an issue in this version, when in 1.35 did not pose an obstacle... In any case, now I just hope that audio will not mismatch in final mux, but it's a one frame of difference, how bad can it be...


before python was installed with installer up to 3.6? how to get that back in this version