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Sorry for the long wait - I've been rather busy with Nmkoder and some IRL stuff.

Anyway, here it is - Flowframes 1.37, now with RIFE 4.0 on NCNN (for AMD/Intel GPUs).

Not only has it been added to NCNN, but it's also a lot faster, making RIFE-NCNN roughly as fast as the CUDA version.

With this new model, it's now also possible to interpolate with ANY factor, not just 4x/8x.

NCNN (unlike CUDA) even supports fractional factors, e.g. 2.5x to get from 24 to 60 FPS. However, scene detection does not work yet for fractional factors, this is something I'm still working on.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.




I don't speak English, because i'm from Chile (South America) But i'm need say you: Thanks! This program Helps me a LOT in many things that i do, Seriously Thanks Man, I love your work.


great work appreciate you keeping to donate to you yes please vodka for you and me