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Fit around:

Female base 

Bibo+ Uranus, YAB all sizes, Bimbo all sizes, Bibo+ vegan with large legs, Bibo+ Small, Rue, Mars

Male base

TBSE slim, default and X + Echo.

Metadata contains toggles to turn the pants into shorts.

Two texture variants for the pants.

Thank you so much to Yurippie, Demi, Zizi, Key and Kiko for the upscales!

!!!!!!!!! DISCLAIMER !!!!!!!!!!!

Due to the fact that it's a loose fit with fishnet, therefore transparent, the armpits will clip in sharp movements and some tricky idles (an aura idle, specifically.) Three modders and all my upscalers have attempted to fully remedy it, and none of us have succeeded, so it's safe to say it's a game limitation.

Other than that, all bug reports & mod help go in discord.gg/nightingales. Please rememeber to put the original mod on priority 0 before installing any upscales.



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