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BAD OMENS' RAVEN Raven+/shop ; public in 3-4 months

Fit around:

Female base 

Bibo+ Uranus, YAB all sizes, Bimbo all sizes, Bibo+ vegan with large legs, Bibo+ Small, Rue, Mars

Male base

TBSE slim, default and X + Echo; soontm will be updated with Hrbody.

Metadata contains toggles to edit:

On the pants: The dangly cords, the 'jeans' part to turn it into shorts.

On the top: The arm bits, the shoulder bits, the collar, the bra to leave only the strap.

Thank you so much to Yurippie, Demi, Zizi, Key and Kiko for the upscales!

My server is the place to report bugs or ask for mod-help; discord.gg/nightingales

Make sure you set the base mod on priority 0 and any upscales on priority 1.



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