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A set of 4 jackets on bracelets.

Please read the entire thing before purchasing.

Seeing as they are jackets on bracelets, most of them have a single size and should not clip with skintight items, but I cannot guarantee this as it depends from moddder to modder how tightly or loosely they fit even skintight items.

To accomplish this, they were given an 'oversized jacket' fit and should thus work with any breast sizes equal to or smaller than YAB large. The longest coat has three sizes - small, medium and large, although the small one might look too big for anything smaller than bibo large.

For males, the largest size it was made for is TBSE-X.

The long coat was also weighed to the legs so that it can scale with c+. All of them scale with c+.

Thank you Yurippie for the upscales. 

Contains commercially licensed, retextured assets.



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