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A highly customizable, multi-sized (thank you Yurippie for the upscales!) outfit made from scratch (except the heels, as always, which are a retextured licensed asset.)

Fit around: 

F: Rue+, YAB all sizes, B small & vegan with large.

M: TBSE slim, default, X.

Contains: The shirt, filigree bracelets, skirt with thigh cloth bands and panties, and heels with thigh-high lace socks.

Variant Edits:

Chest Piece:

Toggle A to turn on/off the metal piece on the chest.

Toggle B to turn on/off the ruffled cloth pieces.

Toggle C to turn on/off the ribbons on the arm.

Toggle D to turn on/off the ribbon on the neck.

Toggle E to turn on/off the flowery accessory on the neck.

Toggle F to turn on/off the the accessory on the arm.


Toggle A to turn on/off skirt.

Toggle B to turn on/off panties.

Toggle C to turn on/off metal belt.


Toggle A to turn on/off the socks.


!!! Please note that in order for any of the versions except the base one to work, you must place the base mod on priority 0 and the upscale on priority 1.

!!! The YAB skirt might clip slightly during running strafes.

!!! Rue upscale is incompatible with thighboots (they might clip) due to the squish. (I haven't found a way to work around Rue's seams with the squish atm.)



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