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:3 Just a little content dump! Hope you enjoy the videos. I'm in the hospital getting new scans and tests done tomorrow so I'm going to try and get as much as I can done today. That way if I need a day or two off I can take it :D

AS A REMINDER TO ULTIMATE TIER!! If you want to redeem the same show as someone else it is STRONGLY recommended. It allows for me to not be watching a million shows at once, haha. It also makes episodes for that series come out more often. Similar to what we did for Gundam The Witch from Mercury. Up to you though :3 Just putting it out there.

Love is war 1x6 (Uploaded)

Love is war 1x7 (Uploaded)

Vinland Saga 1x6 (Uploaded)

Vinland Saga 1x7 (Uploaded)

Vinland Saga 1x8 (Uploaded)

Vox Machina 2x4 (Uploaded)

Vox Machina 2x5 (Uploaded)


Vox Machina 2x6 (Uploaded)

JoJo's 3x37 (Uploaded)

Vinland Saga 1x9 (Uploaded)

Spider 1x1

Spider 1x2

Ranking of Kings 1x1 (Recorded)

Ranking of Kings 1x2 (Recorded)

Ranking of Kings 1x3 


Desert Penguin

Can you ultimates make it so we binge through Attack on Titan? Please?

Just Graham

Ranking of Kings is going to be great.

Joey Cat

Thanks for the update, but now my schedules all full for today with all this amazing content, so thanks XD

Sven Hegenbart

Looking forward to Ranking of Kings and Spider. Sorry in advance for a maybe longer comment on Spider


Good luck with everything in the hospital! Wish you best luck, thanks for the releases :)

Aspy 130

Best of luck in the hospital. Huge thank you to both you and ant for all the content




I release it on YouTube on Feb 20th I believe so the week before is when I’ll be binging AOT :3


Daaaamn, if you record half of these.... Alicia the GOAT


Wish you luck with the hospital stuff! I can't wait for Ranking of Kings


Ranking of Kings is coming, yooo!!! As hard as you cried over Mob, you are gonna cry so much over Boji and Kage. Oh my god, you're going momma mode so hard.

duke dake

stay strong! thanks for the content!