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^u^ double uploading some Vinland Saga to make sure y'all are ahead of YouTube!!


vs 1x8

Watch "vs 1x8" on Streamable.



eyo, two uploads? Thanks for your hard work!


You would be a fantastic teacher / professor.

Scott Tyson

Fun Fact: We are now reaching the point where alot of the names you see are real historical figures. Don't look them up if you don't already know it will spoil you lol.


you can't do this to me, you giving me 3 episodes in less than 24 hours will only make me want more! In all seriousness take care of yourself tho.

James S

If you're curious, Canute is probably best pronounced KAH-newt, at least for the English pronunciation. And yes, Thors's old friend is a fan favorite, you'll see more of him in the next episode. Dude is not just a beast, he is THE beast.

James S

It was a real treat logging onto to Patreon and getting to catch up on multiple Vinland Saga episodes, it's a joy seeing you go through them. Hope you're feeling well and continue enjoying the show, things are going to get in-depth real soon.

James Decker

Ah yes, we're finally meeting best girl again. Fun fact: His voice actor is the same as. Wammu/Wham from JoJo's part 2!

Sheriff Uchiha

Thornfin isn't from Vinland? Where did you get that from? He has never been there.


Glad to see u picking up on the core themes of thorfinn and askeldad's characters, imo some of the questions you're asking are just what the author intended to be asked. You'll for sure enjoy what's to come, the character work in this series is amazing!!

Sand Man

the speech throfin gave the slave girl was the same one his dad gave the slave they found in the snow right before he died