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Dear all patrons,

Thank you so much for all your support!!!

Please check your email for the rewards. Depending on your Tier, the rewards should be my confirmation of the Total Coins you have so far, and an invitation to Discord channels.

For new patrons, please understand that my Patreon Page does NOT charge upfront, it means your credit card is not charged right the moment you joined my page but will be charged on the 01st of next month. Therefore, your pledge status is pending until 1st March, hence no rewards for you until then. The same things for patrons whose pledge was denied or fraud.

You will need Coins to redeem the video you want. To do so, you can either send me a note of what video you want via email or Patreon message, or you can join the below poll to vote for videos you want to get. I will check and send you the download link via Patreon message if you have enough Coins for it.

There is a new video I am working on right now and hope to bring to you on Valentine's day. If I can not make it in time, I'll give you some review gifs. This video is kind of a mystery box so you are not allowed to know what characters are in the video until you purchase it.

Don't forget to join Discord channels to be the first to see any progress of the current project I am working on.

Anyway, Thank you, and wish you all the best.



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