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Happy Lunar New Year

  • Evil Dead: The Game "Halloween Night" -15 Coins 9
  • Kevin - 7 Coins 1
  • Rescue 3 - 3 Coins 1
  • Dragon Age "Knights and Mages" - 1 Coin 5
  • 2023-01-21
  • —2023-02-03
  • 16 votes
{'title': 'Happy Lunar New Year', 'choices': [{'text': 'Evil Dead: The Game "Halloween Night" -15 Coins', 'votes': 9}, {'text': 'Kevin - 7 Coins', 'votes': 1}, {'text': 'Rescue 3 - 3 Coins', 'votes': 1}, {'text': 'Dragon Age "Knights and Mages" - 1 Coin', 'votes': 5}], 'closes_at': datetime.datetime(2023, 2, 3, 2, 52, 59, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), 'created_at': datetime.datetime(2023, 1, 21, 11, 13, 24, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), 'description': None, 'allows_multiple': False, 'total_votes': 16}


Dear Patrons,

Thank you for your support!!!

Lunar New Year (or Tet Holiday) is a big holiday in my country to celebrate the new year with more joy and prosperity. The New Year is Cat year so I made a short clip (re-use Christmas animation) of Carlos and Cat Leon. Hope you like it.


You can use the discount code "LIXITET" at Gumroad to get a 3$ discount or you can redeem your Coins to get the videos you want (if you haven't redeemed them yet and still have enough Coins for it).

I wish with the new year to come, you and your family will have a long happy life with prosperity and success.




Happy Tet!!!!