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“Perfect!” Amber exclaimed, putting the finishing touches on her makeup and combing out her beautiful blonde hair. She had long awaited this date and everything had to be perfect.

She stepped into her walk-in closet wearing only black panties and a towel from her recent shower. She paused, looking for an outfit that best showed off her figure.

“Maybe something with a deep neckline tonight?” She asked herself with a playful sensual smile. Unfortunately, as she reached for one of her favorite tops, a deep, sharp, and intense pain welled up at the base of her neck, stopping her in her tracks.

“Oh Fuck that hurts, Nnnngh what’s wrong with me!?”  She said as she felt the base of her neck pulse. With a sudden pop and a sickening slurp, she felt her neck actually slide to the left on her shoulders, dragging her head and spin with it. Another crrrack showed her shoulders broadening slightly as a huge lump started forming near her right shoulder.

“Oh no. Oh NO! OH MY GOD! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!” She screamed seeing the bulge pulse as shaggy light brown hair pushed out of the top. “Not now, of all times. 25 years without a mutation and it has to happen now!”

The lump continues to grow. Two small slits opened up, forming into new eyes. She lost her balance and fell to her knees, as the sights from these new eyes entered her brain. She felt lightheaded as all of her senses started to get sharper. A new nose formed making her sense of smell more acute. New ears formed giving her an almost superhuman sense of where every sound was coming from. She felt her chest expand as a new mouth ripped open, gasping for air at first, then settling down to breathe  in a calm rhythm with the first. 

She closed her original eyes as she felt a few more pops and cracks, as the final growths occurred, her new head popping into place on a new neck, growing out of her now split spine. She opened her eyes softly and looked in the mirror, staring back at herself from four eyes. She raised a hand to her new mouth almost waiting for another set of thoughts to come, but it never did. Despite having two heads and two brains, she only had one personality shared between them. 

Both of her heads looked at each other, smiled, and couldn’t help laughing. Despite the mutation, she was still herself, and that was a bit of a relief.

“I don’t think I’ll have enough time to dye my new hair” one head said.

“The truth is, I probably won’t have time to makeup my new head at all” the other said.

“Well, I was hoping to get to third base today.” She laughed to herself again “The jig is up I guess! I suppose I’ll just have to admit that I’m not a natural blonde.” 

She reached up to ruffle the brown hair of her new head as both heads laughed in a delightful little chorus. Despite the sudden mutation, she was taking it quite well. It was going to be an interesting date indeed.




I'm really liking these recent short stories! Keep it up!

J. Jenny Jameson

The stories really add a lot to the pictures. Hope to see more stuff like this!