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So once again, sorry for the massive delay as I was distracted by Stable Diffusion and other stuff.

Anyway - Here's, finally, a new Flowframes version.

It adds the latest RIFE 4.6 model to all implementations (NCNN/VS/CUDA), fixes some important bugs and UX issues.

The output format selection has been completely remade, replacing the entire settings tab. Instead, you can now pick the output container, codec, quality and color format independently, without needing to open the settings.

Image sequence output now also works with RIFE-NCNN-VS.

Some bugs with the queue have been fixed - For example, when queueing up image sequences, you are now prompted to set their frame rate the moment you add them - Not during queue processing which would make the batch processing feature pointless.

RIFE-NCNN-VS no longer shows an error if you try to interpolate inputs that have a resolution that's not divisible by 2 (can happen with GIFs or frames), instead it automatically adds padding.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.



Hi! The Flowframes is really super! Thank you! Nevertheless after several successful using I've got a problem: Frame extraction failed! Your input file might be incompatible! What the reason could be?


Easy to use, works like a charm. Er, where do I send bug reports? 😁


https://github.com/n00mkrad/flowframes/issues won't do much good. he's got 95 open tickets.


These comments should be visible before throwing a buck to a creator. I've been using the free version for quite a while so I guess it's fine but definitely feels like I got bait'n'switched.


I was hoping I could get help here. I've used this for a while, great program, but I had to reload it and now it won't work.


Oh, no... the new output quality settings. I used to pick the CQ I wanted, and that was just fine!! Please, bring CQ back!!!


my interpolation factor wont work sadly