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Hey everyone,

first of all, I'm sorry for the radio silence and the lack of Flowframes support in the recent months.

I started working on my Stable Diffusion GUI in September and ever since it kept me super busy, causing me to neglet my other projects.

I can ensure you that in the future I will do my best to better balance my time, and not leaving one project for another long-term.

Both Flowframes and Nmkoder will see some updates.

Currently there are no Patreon benefits for SD GUI apart from credits, I'm not sure if that will change, as I don't want to "paywall" it.

Either way - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I hope that in 2023 I can more tightly integrate patrons into my projects and the development of them.



5 months without update. have to "un-patreon", will gladly sub again if you update Flowframes.


Please update your Flowframes app