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Just a little preview of a animation I'm working. I know it looks a bit "cut" but it's my first time using SFM. 

I've seen people is awesome to create amazing stuffs with this software, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn´t able to find the Polar Patroller 3d model, so I picked the dragon one, I love the design and well, it works better than the werewolf or fox due to the foot shape.

I hope you like it, I know there's a lot to lear of this stuffs, and actually I got frustrated cause I did a mess with the software windows and options, but, it's a begining, isn´t it?

The animation:


Original character 3d model was created by Epic Games, and the goat comes from Goat simulator hehe

I just mixed all of them into a fetish animation lol



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