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I am trying to complete art lol.
Here is some complete art.

I'm also trying to more sketchy stuff so that I have more variety to upload but also Im jumping between various drawings a lot. A bit scatterbrained, I admit.

But.. I hope you enjoy this! The game was fun also.
Also I dont wnana draw an elephant lol

Zip attachment: Mirror of this gallery

Thank you again for your enduring patience and generosity.



Reiku Yin

I am shocked that enemy was not used for this sooner and can *never* look at them the same way ever again. YOU DID THIS!


Daisy nut. That is all.


I'm digging the brighter, contrasting background. And the fuzzy Mario lady is pretty cool. That could be a nice diversion from the Mobians... Among many other potential diversions. :shrug:

Norman A. Letterman

Ayyy, big beautiful tanuki balls ❤️ you did a really good job with the petal isles too, that's a standout background


This is my kind of bottom heavy


Man I feel you on the "can't complete art" thing, I have so many things I've gotten to like 90% and then just abandoned lately.


Yarrr. On the plus side, it's all coasting to go back to them at that point


Love her stockings!