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Hi people ^^

Here I bring you, a little late, the opening of Suggestion Month, the section where you can suggest me what to draw, something very similar to a commission, if you want to see it that way.

As you know, but for those who don't, I will choose two suggestions, one will be the one that I like the most and the other will be the one that you like the most, being the comment with the most hearts/likes.

The rules are simple:

-One suggestion per person.

-Maximum 5 characters.

-No gore, abuse or mistreatment.

I remind you that you can comment again on your suggestion from the previous Suggestion Month, but I clarify that I will only choose the comments of people for whom I have not yet made drawings, so that everyone has their chance, the only way for one person to take two drawings would be if you choose it, basically if it is the suggestion with the most likes.

Anyway, to comment your ideas and suggestions, good luck to all ^^




The ductale piece you did that we have another Japanese prosecutor who could use a similar method. Sae Nijima having gotten a hold of the 4 older lay confidants. Chihaya, Ohya, Tae and Sadayo. She is questioning all 4 ladies about their connections with the Phamtom thieves. And isn’t afraid to use some unconventional, and even erotic persuasion. As the 4 ladies are tickled on their feet, breast and pussy. Sae may not get the info she wants, but she seems to be enjoying herself questioning her captives. ;)


How about something along the lines of a Harley Quinn tickling another Harley Quinn? There are some many different versions of her ot could even be a free for all tickle battle between them all.

Cristian Basulto

Luz and Amity tickling and licking both Eda's and Lilith's feet


The Hero class (Female) from Elden Ring kept on her knees mid-battle by four of Rennala's students who all ripped her footwear off and are hungrily licking her soles. The cutscene that played before the Rennala fight with one of the students trying to nip at the players foot is prime foot fetish material.


King of fighters 15 vanessa and blue mary interrogating luong with some tickles. The announcer giving out some comments like "Will she break and give away her sevrets!"

Neon Voidstorm

Tayuya in tickle machine >:3


Part 2 Inspector Tezuka from DuckTales 2017 finish interrogation the three girls only thing she got out of them is they’re were with Molly Cunningham, Gandra Dee and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer from DuckTales 2017 when the crime happen. Inspector Tezuka thinks they’re are involved in the crime too so she wasted no time and arrested them. She bring Molly Cunningham, Gandra Dee and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer in then she put the girls on the interrogation tables and tied the girls hands and feet down. The girls said to Inspector Tezuka we didn’t do anything wrong but Inspector Tezuka is not listening as she turn on (your choice what type of tickle for the deez girls) ticking the girls feet and body (body is optional for tickling). The girls keep saying we didn’t do anything wrong, let us go and begging for this to stop. Inspector Tezuka is hoping deez girls give the answers she wants.


Any video game fans out there? Because i would love to see some tickling art with Coco and Tawna possibly in some sort of tickle machine?


So i was thinking of Maybe a Ben 10 Picture, where Lucy (an under-appreciated character who is actually a logia monster like Symbiotes) traps Gwen inside of her mud body and tickles and licks Gwen's Feet while forcing hers over Gwens nose and Mouth. Was thinking of doing this with the original series versions of these characters, but we could do the Omniverse versions if you'd rather they be older.


Stillllllllllllllll gonna suggest Bayonetta here. Her vs. Veronica Venom, and Veronica's symbiote has her tied up and her wicked weaves subdued, and Veronica and her symbiote tongues are licking Bayo's size 20 feet, and Bayo's aroused by it