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Hi people ^^

Today I bring you a poll for the drawings of February, this time I will do something little original, but what I wanted to do, a Stocker like the ones that DazidentEvil does, only in my style, I insist, I know it is nothing original, but it can be interesting, besides that it is something simple to do.

Also add another detail, I will make variants, there will be three in specific, one will be of the girl in question in the stocks, but there will be no tickling, the second variant will be tickling and the third variant will be licking the feet, obviously all in the stocks.

So vote for your favorite, as you can see, I chose characters that I have never drawn, but I have always wanted to make a drawing of them, except for Veronica, and there is quite a variety for all tastes, so the three girls with more Votes will be the winners and the ones I'm going to draw, yes, this time I'll do 3, so let's vote!!

See you soon~



Veronica Venom hands down, got to see her get tickled more often if you ask me. :)