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Hi people ^^

This vote was very close between Spider-Gwen and Larxene, but Spider-Gwen was always in the lead for most of the time, it is seen that many missed our beloved Gwen and I too so the first drawing of November will be of her. Anyway as I saw that Larxene was also my voted, it is likely that the second drawing of November or the first of December will be Larxene's, depending on how long it takes me to finish it, but Larxene is next.

I leave you a preview of the drawing, it is only the basis of what I want to do, it is almost unintelligible but I think that makes it better hehe, anyway soon I will show you the more legible sketch.

I may make a change to Gwen's face because I feel like she doesn't look like much, well, I'll see while I work ^^

PS: It's the Spider-Gwen from Into the Spider-Verse




I'm looking forward to the result 😁