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Getting stuffed



Darrex Rogers

I'd be quite eager as well. Caleb is one of my favorite bois. So damn hot. Thanks again, Dross!


I'd stuff Caleb 😳


I really wish I could stuff soneone 😔


Would you ever consider making Wallpapers? Would love to have Caleb, Ash, or Taylor for my desktop.


Now dress him like a turkey

New Republic Knight

Goddamn!!! Holy f*cking sh*t!!!! This picture of Caleb getting anal f*cked by an unknown anonymous man look absolutely amazing Dross!!! I absolutely love how you have drawn Caleb laying down on his side showing off his magnificent curvy freckled ass, silky smooth balls and silky smooth feminine penis while getting his tight little boi pussy f*cked by a huge cock belonging to an unknown anonymous man!!! I absolutely love the amount of artistic detail you’ve put into this breathtakingly beautiful and visually captivating picture!!! I absolutely love the blend of darker and lighter tones of color with the use of white highlights and the artistic effects of sweat droplets on Caleb’s silky smooth feminine body and on the gooey transparent precum fluids on her silky smooth freckled ass and on the unknown anonymous man cock thrusting deep inside his tight country boi pussy!!! I absolutely love this breathtakingly beautiful and outrageously sexy masterpiece!!! I absolutely love Caleb!!! He’s definitely one of my all time personal favorite Trap/Femboy characters alongside Cody, Jade, Ash, Riley, Taylor, Jamie, Kimono Boi, your Elf Bois and your Orc Boi!!! Definitely would love to see more pictures of him in the future!!! Keep it up with your breathtakingly beautiful and outrageously sexy artwork, comics and animated GIFs!!! Your awesome Dross!!! 🥵👌💯😩🍆💦


Love him and his cute freckles so much


Caleb makes me feel so goddamn naughty 🥵

Laine Lavalley

The gayness is real and I'm here for it


I want to see Caleb in more of his girly outfits. Maybe some PJs he took from sis?


Yea..Caleb's deffo my favorite.