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Education is important 

also a Peach I forgot to post from a while ago




he just like me fr

New Republic Knight

Hell yeah!!! Goddamn!!! Holy f*cking shit!!! These beautifully drawn and visually stunning pictures of this cute tanned Trap/Femboy getting fucked by an unknown anonymous man looks absolutely amazing Dross!!! I absolutely love the character design of this adorable and outrageously sexy Trap/Femboy OC!!! I absolutely love his auburn hair, long dark feminine eyelashes and silky smooth tanned dark skin!!! I absolutely love his silky smooth tanned flat-chested petite feminine body proportions!!! I absolutely love his perky nipples, soft silky smooth feminine tanned penis and smooth hairless balls!!! I absolutely love his fashion accessories such as his black neck choker and black beaded wristband!!! He looks both breathtakingly beautiful and outrageously sexy!!! I hope he becomes a reoccurring member of your many Trap/Femboy OC characters alongside Cody, Jade, Jamie, Ash, Caleb, Riley and Kimono Boi!!! Are you thinking about giving him a name?!?! I absolutely love him!!! I hope to see more pictures of him in the future!!! Keep it up with your beautifully drawn and visually stunning artwork and comics Dross!!! Your awesome man!!! 🥵👌💯😩🍆💦


This is my favorite of your work yet the character is you cute we need a name!!! ASAP


Yo, deadass Dross. We need a name for this boy. Your new OC seriously has to be put in his place by Jade or anyone else willing to Top.

Darrex Rogers

Oh.... they most certainly do. Thanks, Dross!

John WC808

Best feeling ever! Bussy is #1


damn the similarities to me are uncanny


Mmm im in the mood for some boypussy! I also love princess peach!


The cum is looking a little yellow?