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I can’t really hear what you say with that mouth guard stuck in your mouth, so you should just stop trying. I assume it’s some pathetic version of “Untie me” or “Let me go” or “It burns”, but you chose this when you started running your mouth about what we do. I’m not gonna untie you until you are through all four serums. This one burns away most of your muscles. The next one drops your height quite a bit.

You know, I’m disappointed in you. I invite you in. A chance to stop being a nerd, and really be part of the stronger sex. But you went all “I’m sooo hot and smart now, so I should start investigate how they do it”. Well, we don’t need more nerds in the world, so the third injection is going to firm up your body to a swim team reject twink. Cheerleaders are of course off limits, so you are going to be one horny jock fanboy. We need more people that would do anything we ask, in the off chance of being allowed to give head. The other guys are just waiting to take turns to put you in your place. You really pissed them off. First taste is free. We need to kick start that jock addiction of yours.

Man, I don’t understand why you did it. Well, after the last injection, neither will you.

Wakey, wakey. Time for your next injection. No need to struggle. I’ve already tighten the ropes to better hold your new XS bod. Besides, you couldn’t even break out of a hug if you wanted to. I’m not gonna lie, this one is gonna hurt like a motherfucker. It’s literally bone crushing. But don’t think of it as shrinking a foot, think of it as everyone else growing. You can look up at us in more than one way, haha. Since tall and strong is what creams your pants from now on, it’s a good thing for you, right?

Are you still with us, little spoon? Sounded like you lost consciousness a few times between the screams. Fuck, you look terrible. Well, I guess that’s what this syringe is meant to take care of. I’m excited. I haven’t seen the result myself, but I’ve heard it will keep you getting carded well into your thirties. Body hair is not going to be a problem, and if you run into a wall, it’s not the dick that will hit first. Don’t worry, though. The cock snot comes from the prostate, and it will be plump and productive. You’ll drool just as much in your pants as from your mouth when you think of our biceps, and it makes you so much easier to manipulate when you’re in heat all the time.

“Aw, what a cutie. Dirty blonde suits you”, he said, ripping off the tape covering my mouth, and patted me on my head. I spat out the mouth guard.
“Fuck you, asshole!” My voice sounded like a sullen 14-year old.
“With what?”, he responded and started to massage my knob through my trunks. When did he put them on? To my dismay my new body betrayed me and I started to get hard, not that it showed much.

“Time for that last polish.”, he shook the final syringe in front of me with his other hand. “This one isn’t going to change your appearance much, but half an hour from now you will be the one running to us jocks to get your homework done. Not that you wouldn’t run here anyway, being a massive muscle slut and all.”

He continued to slowly rub my groin. “Feels good, right? It fucking should, since that’s what you’re built for. You won’t be able to last this long without emptying a load once we are done with you. On your own you’ll just be horny and edging yourself for hours. If we touch you, you’ll be as easy as a men’s rooms soap dispenser. Just a touch away from a quick dribble, and then back to being frustratingly filled with goo. You’ll be desperate to do whatever we tell you to.”

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