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“Ayyye you fuckin’ Posh cunt, why dontcha watch where yer fukin goin!”, Shane shouted as he decked the guy with a right uppercut. The guy had been too busy with some fucking app on his phone to notice Shane, and had crashed into him, spilling bullshit-frappe all over his trackies. The tosser had been out cold before he could hear the word “cunt”.

The punch had been a reflex, and if he left right now, no one would be any wiser. Except the wanker on the floor. That was a risk his ASBO didn’t need. Shane quickly grabbed his feet and dragged him into the Tesco spaz toilet around the corner and locked the door behind them. Bad luck had perhaps turned into good luck. He needed some way of testing the stuff he just picked up from Kayleigh.

He quickly took out the tube with the gel from the bag. That would start it, she had told him. He must not get any on him by mistake. He found a condom in his pocket, opened it and used it as a glove to scope up some of the goo from the jar. She hand’t said how much to use, so this would be a test also. The still blacked out guy had his mouth ajar. Shane poked a finger with condom and goo into his mouth and started to rub his gums with the goo, until it was all gone.

While that was doing its job he needed to find some new clothes. He stepped out of the toilet and locked the door from the outside with a penny. He headed over to the PureGym across the street and raided their lost and found basket for a some crusty old clothes. The attendant couldn’t care less what he took.

He was back in the toilet in less than 10 minutes. The guy was still out of it, but now it was more of a fever dream than unconsciousness. If Kayleigh were right he would have at least five more minutes. Shane undressed him as quickly as he could and managed to get the clothes from the gym on him before he started to come back.

Now he just needed some “guide DNA” or whatever she had called it. He poured some water into a water bottle he’d lifted from the gym, added two drops from the bottle from Kayleigh and started to masturbate. They guy was now awake enough to register what was happening around him, but still way too influenced to speak or move or even think clearly.

It was much easier than he’d thought to climax while an incapacitated jerk were watching. The guy also had a rock hard sweat pant boner, but that was the substance doing its work. Shane ejaculated into the water bottle, screw on the top and shoke it thoroughly. He put the spout in the mouth of the guy and told him “drink”.

The guy looked shocked and surprised both at getting a bottle of cum-water in his mouth and that he was unable to resist the command. It was time for the conditioning before the transformation started.

“Now you stupid cunt, your name is Declan O'Shea. You’re such a stupid Irish fucker that when you ran from school no one bothered to find you. You ran to me and we are now flat mates. I’m the closest thing you have to family, so you would do anything for me. You want to be like me, talk like me and look like me. Anything I say you will believe and do.”

Declans face changed from confused anger to confused admiration.

“You’re dumb as a rock and love to get drunk and fuck. You’ll take any shitty job to get beer money and you love to keep fit so you can stick that dick in anything with two legs.”

The rapid changes all started at the same time. Declans lean body bulked out, his hair got shorter, cock growing like mad, and his eyes were glazing over with some dumb fuck look. His mind faded away and a new chav persona took over. All he wanted was to get his fucking rocks off and fuck.

There was a knock on the toilet door. Declan spit out the condom on the floor and shouted “Oi, it’s fucking occupied”.

Shane couldn’t be happier how the morning turned out.

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