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Hello everyone! I took a few days of this week to work on SMQ stuff. 

Oof, you wouldn't believe how much writing it involves! The first area of the game is crucial, and most days I put in a couple of hours into the art, and a couple more into writing: which is often quite frustrating when, after a lot of writing, I find out "hey, this doesn't work as well as it could, time to do a revision." It took me a month and a half of writing on the daily to get to the point where I can do all of that much better, but I have to start over.

In any case, I wanted to show you all some preliminary art for the project! 

Including Trok and Rex's trademark befriend and bash skills - your basic persuade and smack kind of damage. Plus, the return of David Stern with his updated design! And Dan for the first aid card!

I'm "back to business" as it were tomorrow, and will be sending pack requests and responding to DMs then!

As such, please send suggestions for tomorrow's warmups! 




Love the old-school Dan in the nurse outfit!