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Hey everyone!

We're back with our second Scene, this time it's of our map the Tomb of Sand. Click that link if you want to grab the accompanying map!

This scene was actually the first we attempted to paint and it was difficult to recreate the sense of scale and the lighting but we hope you like it! We wanted to make the entrance feel magical but foreboding. Who knows what lies within?

Seeing this map again its reminded us how much we want to make an interior dungeon for it! Maybe we'll make a scene to accompany that too. ;)

We were lucky enough to work with Ivan Duch on this release. He has created not just one, but two tracks to fit alongside the Tomb of Sand!

The tracks he created for this are:
- Arriving at the Lost Temple
- Temple of Secrets

You can download them both here!


Get this week's scenes using the links below:

Tomb of Sand - $1 Rewards - Day and Night Variations 

Tomb of Sand - $5 Rewards - All Variations

Tomb of Sand - $10 Rewards - Animated Scenes

Tomb of Sand - $10 Rewards - VTT Modules


This week's scene variations


Tomb of Sand - Animated - Czepeku Scenes

This is the Tomb of Sand. We'll be releasing tons of variations and collaborating with different creators around the world to bring immersive, exciting splash art for your RPG games! Art and animation by Czepeku Scenes - https://www.patreon.com/czepekuscenes Music by Ivan Duch - https://www.patreon.com/ivanduch


Tj Ferrell

these are super Awesome!!! I cant wait to build up my library for Alchemy. To that end, the membership mentions "Alchemy RPG redemption codes for all Scenes" was there further instruction on how to find these?


Hi Tj! We had hoped to have these ready for launch, however the Alchemy team are just working on the best way for them to be distributed/integrate with patreon memberships.

Andres Reintam

I cant see previews. Broken image icon is instead


Hi Andres, do you mean in the Foundry module or the post itself? If it's the Foundry module, that's an issue with the latest Foundry version. I believe it'll be fixed in v11.