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16 February 2024 Update:

  • Script updated and verified to be working

Here full Roop tutorial video : https://youtu.be/OI1LEN-SgLM

How to install c++ tools and Python > https://youtu.be/-NjNy7afOQ0

Download install.bat and start_roop.bat files into any folder where you want to install. Double click and run install . bat file. It will clone the forked roop repo that is working. It will also automatically generate a new VENV and start installing fully automatically. After installation has been completed just double click and run start_roop . bat file.

Since this script will make a new VENV it won't affect your other installations such as Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion Web UI.



After installing all do a Windows restart and then start installing Roop with the attached .bat scripts




I have installed the optional components, but still get an error which seems to be within the Roop repo: File "C:\deepface\roop\roop\core.py", line 16, in import onnxruntime ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'onnxruntime' Press any key to continue . . .


that just worked. Thanks so much :)

Nobodys Hero

Is there some kind of NSFW filter on it?


Hi, thank you for this, but i have a strange problem (seems), it seems to works with only some photos only. some works, some others not. it gives me this error AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'normed_embedding'. there is something wrong in some pictures? i don't know what i have to think 'cause as i said before, some photos works perfectly. thank you for your help

Furkan Gözükara

ah yes. it looks like those photos have error. you can open them with paint .net and save as and try again. can you let me know? paint net is open source

Andrei Koneev

Yes. I reinstalled all process from scratch and it helped thanks a lot!


Hello Thank you for always providing great information. I've been creating it using Google colab, but now that I've purchased a GPU, I'd like to create it offline. I tried using this tool right away, but I can't adjust the quality like "--output-video-quality 1 --execution-provider cuda --frame-processor face_swapper face_enhancer". Is there a way to adjust it?

Furkan Gözükara

Hello thank you. yes please edit start_roop.bat and change values as you wish. for editing use any text editor such as notepad++