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Hey guys!

Hu Tao's animation scene file ready!


- Use Post Processing Effect file (You can read PostProcessingEffect.pdf if you need to know how to use it)

- Use SAC Puffy uncensor at change character in scene.

I apologize for the delay. I had some important university projects and exams, so I barely had time to work on the animation. Additionally, I was sick for a few days, which only made me postpone it even further. (This is why there hasn't been a new animation in almost 3 weeks)

Anyway, I have finished with what I had to do, so I can return to my usual pace with animations.

Tatsumaki animation will be ready next week.


*Check the new links in the latest posts*




Make sure you are using uncensor SAC Puffy, and check if is something related to the dynamic bone colliders. https://files.catbox.moe/ygzqt2.png After change the character, make sure that in that dynamic bone collider only penis00 is activated, nothing else.