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Made from scratch.

Fit around:

Female base

Bibo+ Uranus, YAB all sizes, Bimbo all sizes, Bibo+ vegan with large legs, Bibo+ Small, Rue

Nymph: Nymph torso with AFAB and AMAB leg options

Male base

TBSE slim, default and X + Echo

Contains metadata toggles to remove the thick edge of the dress.

Tyvm to the following for the help!

Upscales: Yurippie, Demi, Key, Zizi, Kiko. ; Previews: Katte, me, Zizi ; Bunboi: Sey


For bug reports and mod help, please use my discord server: discord.gg/nightingales




Would be VERY helpful if the name of the items were mentioned.