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Liability_spiked contains: bibo small, bibo vegan, bimbo, rue, nymph, uranus, YAB

TBSE contains: TBSE slim, default, x + echo

TF3 upscale contains tf3 upscales

• **mod name:** Spiked

• **availability:** Paid, early access 3 months

• **race/gender:** Midlander based males, tall females.

• **contributors:** Aleks for YAB, Saorsie for Uranus and Nymph,  B+ team for Bibo, Bizu for vegan, Tsar for TBSE, Elegy for Rue, Rox for Bimbo, Titan for tf3, ; Upscales: Yurippie, Demi, Key, Zizi, Kiko, Devo. ;

• **notes:**

**Since a lot of things such as coats, jackets, horns, etc tend to be on rings and bracelets, SPIKED attempts to remedy that by placing a ton of accessories on a hat with 8 metadata toggles for complete customization.

Replacing clown’s hat, SPIKED provides: ankle leather cuffs, four straps and belts on the thighs, a belt around the waist, straps and accessories for both upper and lower arms, as well as.. NSFW piercings. Unisex chest piercings and unisex Genitalia piercings.**

**Fit around:** Should fit a lot of bodies, except the nipple piercings and genitalia which are guaranteed to work on:

**Female base**

Bibo+ Uranus, YAB all sizes, Bimbo all sizes, Bibo+ vegan with large legs, Bibo+ Small, Rue

Nymph chest with AFAB, AMAB flaccid, and AMAB erect options

**Male base**

TBSE slim, default and X + Echo, piercing on flaccid&erect medium

** Contains metadata toggles to customize it further, elaborated on in the modpack. **

A - nipple piercings

B - clit piercing

C - midriff belt

D - choker

E - thigh belts

F - upper arm straps

G - lower arm straps

H - ankle leather

|| all bug reports & mod help go in my discord.gg/nightingales




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