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• **race/gender:** Midlander based males, tall females.

• **contributors:** Aleks for YAB, Saorsie for Uranus and Nymph,  B+ team for Bibo, Bizu for vegan, Tsar for TBSE, ; Upscales: Yurippie, Demi, Devo. ; Previews: Katte

• **notes:**

**Fit around:** 

**Female base** 

Bibo+ Uranus, YAB all sizes, Bimbo all sizes, Bibo+ vegan with large legs, Bibo+ Small ,TNF Large & medium chest + large legs

Nymph: - top chest with bottom options including AFAB and SFW AMAB bulge fit to bibo large legs

                -NSFW AMAB options included fit to the nymph legs featuring erect, flaccid, cut, and uncut

**Male base**

TBSE slim, default and X

 Contains metadata toggles to customize it further, elaborated on in the modpack. 




Thank you for adding Nymph to your bodies ^^


um can't seem to get choker working...