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Finally, some new Repeat story content! It's taken forever, but I hope you guys enjoy this continuation of Sissel's route! We're back into the thick of things now. It feels nice to write my boys again >:3c

Anyway it's currently 5AM over here and I'm gonna go pass out now ;w;

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  • 31 new pages (9555 words) of story Sissel's route!
  • 15 new illustrations for Sissel's route.
  • More typos/grammar fixes!
  • Fixed issue on day 3 where an error occurs if you kick Dolores in the balls.






So a question the few parts where you type in an answer. Do they not matter or is there some specific phases you should use?


Originally those parts were going to be a feature where you can type in a specific response to skip to certain routes. But then I figured it was probably better to impliment it when certain routes are actually complete ;w;