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Chapter 1: Five Old Guys

It was well past midnight in Jump City. The Teen Titans were konked out sleeping. All of them except for Raven. This half-demon was well suited for the antics of the night. And she knew exactly where she wanted to be.

She was at a high end exclusive country club. Usually they closed well before midnight. But for the high rollers, there was a special event that happened only at midnight. And Raven was the guest of honor.

As she arrived there, all five of the guys smiled at the sight of her. They were all sitting down and dressed up in suits and ties, wanting to impress a young thing like her. The youngest one there was in his fifties. His hair wasn't white, she didn't know if he aged really well or he just colored it. Unlike his friends, he only had the beginning of a pot belly and not a full on one. That suited her fine. 

Even in her hooded robe with only her pale face visible, they liked the way she looked too. But when she flung her hood down, they got a good look at her. Even with her lineage as a half-demon and her naturally pale skin, she was beautiful. They were too old for this fifteen year old crimefighter but neither of them cared about something as silly as that.

“You look so nice Miss Raven,” said the oldest guy. Must have been in his late seventies at least. Was probably a lot older.

“Oh stop,” Raven said, turning to blush and smiling awkwardly.

“He is right though,” said another. “You are beautiful, inside and out. We really appreciate what you've come here to do for us.”

“What can I say? I just wanna make sure your golden years are amazing.”

“Oh they are,” said the youngest, licking his lips. “And we're so thankful for that.”

“Okay, calm down there big guy. You'll all get to have your turn.”

The guys all snickered to themselves. They watched her smile as she unclasped the gemstone holding up her cape. They watched silently as she moved the cape down past her shoulders revealing her long sleeved leotard. More than a few of them sighed longingly as her cape fell to the floor completely and they got an eyeful of her shapely legs.

Raven smiled. “Like what you see boys?”

Even all those old guys were hooting and hollering like a bunch of frat boys. Still smiling, she spun around slowly so they could get a good look at all her angles. They admired seeing her do that, even though she was just wearing her typical superhero outfit, it was tight enough around her rear and her shapely legs were delicious looking too. Then she was looking back at them, still smiling. Despite her young age she had an unusually powerful confidence about her.

The old guys were all feeling a stirring in them way past the normal limits of their age. Though it was about to get a whole lot worse. “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” she chanted, and suddenly their dicks were super hard in their pants. More than a few of them gasped at the feeling of that alone. Even in the age of boner pills and all kinds of enhancements, they hadn't been this hard in a long time. They were left staring at the newfound bulges in their pants.

Then they looked right back up at Raven. She blew them a kiss and beckoned them forth with a finger. That did it. All the guys rushed right at her.

The oldest guy got to her first. He pushed right up on her and spun her around so that her front was up against the wall. His boner in his pants was moving right up against her ass and he greedily grabbed at her breasts. He was humping her vigorously.

“Whoa old guy, settle down there a minute...”

“I can't help it! It's natural for guys to get this horny around a pretty girl! Especially one as lovely as you Miss Raven!” He grabbed her tits as hard as he could, causing her to squeak. Her suit was so tight that it conformed perfectly around her tight little tushy and her spell had gotten him so hard that the tent he was pitching was squarely right in between her ass cheeks.

Then he spun her around again so that she was looking right into his eyes. “Give me some of that teen sugar baby.” He planted one right on her lips. Raven was a little shocked at first, she knew exactly what she was getting into, but this was her first kiss period! But a lewd heat had filled up her body as soon as she saw all these geezers getting hard in their pants for her, and now she was getting exactly what she wanted.

He wasn't being very eloquent though. But it was exactly what she needed. He opened up his lips to stick his tongue out and she closing her eyes, let his tongue right inside. The two of them were sucking face pretty hard with each other. She was moaning a little louder as he grunted into it, she was getting off on this one more than she expected. He was still fondling her tits while her grubby hands felt all over her delicious little teats.

While he was still fondling her chest, he had gotten his fly unzipped and lowered his pants. Getting more giddy by the second, he lowered his undershorts. Raven was getting used to tonguing him, her eyes closed sweetly, when she felt him grab his wrist and put her hand on his naked manhood. She jumped back feeling just how hard and hot it was on her palms and she broke the kiss to look right at it.

“Wow grandpa, are you always this big?” she said. She wasn't looking at him when she said that, she was just staring at it.

“Only around someone as beautiful as you Miss Raven! And there aren't too many girls like that!”

“Oh yeah, beautiful inside and out!” said another one from behind him. The rest of the old guys were really laughing and cheering her on.

“Come on you guys, stop,” Raven said, blushing.

“How about you give us a front row seat to a look at those titties?” said another one.

“Alright pop pop just don't have a heart attack when you see them, okay?” she said. She reached to the back of her outfit and found the zipper. She looked all the old guys right in the eyes as she slowly moved the zipper down her back. She really did look like one hell of a temptress.

It was a bit much for the guy she was currently with. He couldn't help himself, squeezing all over her titties. The ones in the back were getting jealous. All they could think was just how lucky he really was.

He was being really rough with the way he was grabbing her teats. Raven's nipples were perking up underneath her outfit. It made it hard for her to concentrate on getting her clothes off. But she persisted in her task and she got her zipper down to her butt.

“Okay, calm down there grandpa,” she said, backing away from him so that he let go of her breasts. Smiling coyly, she did a little shake and even with her tight leotard on, her breasts jiggled up and down. “Don't you want to see my tits for real?”

He had his tongue out like a horny dog. “I sure do!”

“Well, here is a feast for your eyes! Behold.”

The man with her was watching, a small line of drool trailing down his mouth. Reaching back, Raven moved the open folds of her outfit forward. As she moved her long and slender arms out of their long sleeves the front of her clothes fell forward, revealing her naked body. The minute her breasts were fully exposed to the outside world, the man with her grabbed onto them again. His eyes were wide open and he had on a little schoolboy's smile. He was squishing his fingers into her soft flesh, enjoying just how much his digits sank into them.

Her gray nipples were hard too with arousal too. He wasn't looking at her, but she looked down at him and nodded her head. He didn't even notice it. Licking his lips, he took each of her tits into his mouth, hungrily sucking and licking all over her knockers.

Raven still wasn't fully naked yet. As her paramour was hungrily eating her chest, she was moving her leotard down and getting her legs out of her getup. With him munching down on her sensitive hooters, it was a bit harder than she expected, and before long she was absorbed in the fire he was stoking in her body. She was moaning deeply like a whore.

That got the others guys going. They got closer so they could get some front row seats. She looked at them weakly. “You guys...” she whimpered. Then she started moaning again from her breasts being sucked on so vigorously.

“I think she needs our help!”

“Hold on Miss Raven, we're coming for you!”

While she was still getting herself naked, one of the other guys got next to her. He moved her outfit down so that her shapely legs slipped out, and then she was totally naked save for the boots she was wearing. She looked down at her new savior, still crying out desperately in want.

The sight of her pretty face moaning like that brought out something in him. He locked lips with her, sticking his tongue right inside her mouth, and she just gave it right back to him. She was losing control.

Noticing the show happening right above him, the one sucking her tits stopped to say something. “Hey you horny old git! First come, first serve! You wait your turn!”

He stopped kissing her just to look at the other one. “Sorry buddy. I just couldn't resist getting my chance with her!”

“You'll have your chance! Now get out of here!”

The other one grinned and moved back with the others. Raven was sighing softly from all that amorous attention. Her current one massaged her tits hoping to get her attention. When she didn't look at him and just moaned, he grabbed her nipples and twisted them.

She shrieked from such a vicious touch. As expected, she looked back at him. “Please...be gentle with them...”

“I'll gonna be real rough with something else soon enough,” he said, stroking his cock again. “You ever do this kind of thing before Miss Raven?”

“Well no...” she said, sounding like a helpless little waif and not a half-demon superhero. “That's why I figured you guys would really know what you're doing!” All she could think about was her roommates in the Titans who were goofy and wouldn't know at all how to please a woman. And Aqualad and Kid Flash in Titans Easy were way too cocky.

“Then I'm gonna make you feel really good!” Moving his hands down to her hips, he moved her forward. He sighed as he felt her wet pussy getting closer to his dick. It was already ramrod stiff but after all that foreplay he had done with her, his penis felt ready to burst. He could feel just how hot she was from her pussy heat. The two of them were looking deep into each other's eyes.

Just as she was about to say something, he couldn't take it anymore. He rammed himself in all the way. He grit his teeth from the pressure, she really was tight. He was started to believe that she was a virgin.

He struggled a bit moving himself inside her. It had been so long since he had fucked a girl, and especially one as hot as this one. Raven was feeling it bad too, she was weakly moving her hips from the pressure of his dick inside her. The whole time, she was whimpering softly.

He looked down on her tits. Her gray nipples were just as tasty looking as before. But something else caught his attention too. Namely that as he looked down on his pecker, he saw the remnants of her hymen on his shaft. That got him really excited and he picked up the pace.

“Hot dog, she really is a virgin!” he exclaimed. The other guys started hooting and hollering behind him, cheering on their friend for being so lucky. At the same time, they were making comments about how they wished they could have popped her cherry.

Raven was getting wrecked. It felt like her pussy was on fire, she couldn't do much but move back up against him. Her lover was fucking her so hard that eventually he pushed her back right up against the wall. He showed her no mercy as her tushy slammed up against the wall with every thrust from him.

She had to move back against him for her own comfort. It also got her a hell of a lot more turned on in the process, her pussy was moving way more against the prick fucking it. To continue supporting herself, she looped one of her legs around his waist.

Grinning, he sucked all over her tits again. Raven nervously held onto his head for support, and that encouraged him to start using his teeth, teasing her sensitive little nipples. She threw her head back against the wall and weakly shivered, her pussy clamping down deep on his dick.

He was still pounding her cunt. She couldn't move anymore, she had played with herself, but that was the best orgasm she ever had. He stopped munching on her chest to look back. “Hey boys, I just made her cum!” He gently cupped her chin. “Hey Raven. Do you like me?”

“I um...”

She moaned again as he thrust really roughly into her again. “Hey Raven. Do you like me?”

“Yes! Yes, I like you! Okay!”

“Oh yeah! I'm a champion!” He stole her mouth in another fierce kiss and she moaned sweetly as her tongue coiled along with his. She moved her hips again as best she could, but she was losing it.

Then he broke the kiss this time. He pumped all the way to the end of her pussy as he roared like a young man. His dick plumped up even within her tight vaginal walls as he bust the strongest nut he had in decades. His thick cum flooded inside of her pussy as his dick pumped inside of her, again and again. Still holding onto him, Raven's mouth opened to what would have been an undeniably shrill scream if she didn't hold in her voice for his sake. All the while he kept on plowing her twat, wanting to get as much of his slime inside of her climaxing twat as possible.

When he was finished, there was a long strand of cum between the opening of his dick and her pussy, and his goo was still bubbling out of her cunt, leaking down her legs. She was shaking all over and couldn't stand up that well. He looked up at her happier than ever, but she was so out of it that her eyes looked dazed and lost. All she could do was moan weakly in her orgasmic bliss.

“Wake up Raven,” he said, gently cupping her cheek. “There's still plenty more for you to do tonight!”

She looked up at him. Then she looked at the other guys, their pants fully down.

Her current lover moved away. Already on shaky footing, without being able to support herself on him while she stood, she collapsed to her knees. Three more of them came right at her. Before she knew it, there was one old man each standing at her sides, and another right in front of her. Her magic hadn't worn off one bit on their penises and they were still hard up for more action.

She could smell the heat off their dicks. It fueled her potent lust. The front standing in front of her had shamelessly frenched with her while she was with her previous lover and had to be chased away. He wanted her even more now and decided to prove it, shoving his cock right inside of her tits. Just like the one who had just fucked her cunt, he moved hard and fast, showing her no mercy. With her vagina still feelingg so good and unable to think straight about anything other than sex, Raven reached for the other two dicks without even asking and yanked on them from the get go.

The penis fucking her tits was moving right up on her chin everytime. That didn't keep her from turning her face to suck off the two dicks in her hands. That sex magic she used really messed those old guys up, they were moving like horny animals smelling the scent of a bitch in heat. In spite of her pale skin and half-demon heritage, Raven was still a beauty. She had always liked old people, and now her wish was coming true.

All three of them came at around the same time. Her face and hair were covered in their cum and they kept on cumming way beyond their normal staying power. These old geezers were always up for young female company, but even long lived guys like these were a bit floored to hear of her proposal. But now that they had gone through with it, it was so worth it.

That just left the youngest guy. His older colleagues were giggling at him. At that point Raven had fallen forward so that she was on all fours.

“You saved me the best for last!” he said. He moved so that he was right behind her. “This little ass is all mine!” He started eating all over her delicious pale booty, inhaling the scent of her ass crack.

She was moaning weakly from all that sex that had happened. She had cum in her tits and her pussy was still dripping with semen. Wanting to get one up on his friends, he jammed his tongue inside her asshole.

That made her jump. Her whole body was shivering, she just thought she'd be doing some vanilla stuff today, but these old guys had treated her body like it was their plaything. Even if she was put off by it, she was so weak from all that sex that she couldn't move much or speak coherently. All she could do was take it.

He took his tongue out. Still gripping his penis, he pointed it at her rosebud. Slowly, he moved it inside her anus. It was a bit slow, but he pushed himself inside inch by inch, savoring the feeling of her virgin rectum, until he was all the way inside of her.

He held her hips strong and pumped deep inside of her. She couldn't move much to begin with after all that sex but with his dick stuffing her asshole, she was totally at his mercy. She could only sit there and take it as he rammed her butt.

“Damn she's tight! You guys missed out on the best part!” He leaned closer to her unstained back and licked all over her, savoring her taste. “You really are the best Miss Raven!” She just sighed at those compliments as well as from how good he was fucking her butt. Her whole body felt like it was lighter than air.

He overestimated his sexual prowess. Having just started with her, he already felt on the cusp of his climax. Pumping into her harder, he slapped her ass as he threw his head back and let out a triumphant whoop.

Raven was feeling it too. Already feeling it so bad from all this fucking, she let out an otherworldly growl as her demonic side took over, and her pale skin turned red with her horns sticking out, her hair turned white and her hidden set of eyes opening up as all four of them glowed yellow. Smiling, she started hitting her ass right up against his hips as she looked back at him with a deeply satisfied grin.

He didn't know how to react at first. He knew Raven was something else but he wasn't expecting this. Still, in the wacky locale that was Jump City, demons were ho-hum. Fucking a demon on the other hand was out of this world and with the way those four golden eyes of hers were looking at him, he was going to give her exactly what she wanted. Her asshole felt even better now on his dick than ever.

When he came inside her butt, she let out an orgasmic shriek that sounded unnatural and evil, and he loved every bit of it. She was still hitting her ass on him as they both came. Her asshole was tightening on his dick so badly that he had to take it out of her and stroking his prick, shot the rest of his cum all over her naked red back.

Unable to take anymore, she finally collapsed. She was covered in cum from head to toe. There was cum all over her face and in her hair, all over her breasts still heaving with every deep breath she took, and so much semen was oozing out of her vagina and asshole, both of which were gaping from how badly they got rammed and from the copious amounts of jizz leaking out.

The guys watched her, just as erotic in her unbound state with her four golden eyes and red skin as she was in her normal pale human form. Her body was twitching all over and she let out weak little whimpers of deep shameless pleasure. Some of the cum from their dicks got all over her clothes too. That sex magic really did a number on them because they were still hard and horny for her.

“We fucked her up good!”

“Not as good as me. That asshole was the best!”

“Whatever young fella. That asshole was nothing compared to her pussy!”

“Those tits felt great too!”

“And I think there's more fun to be had! The night is young boys!”


The next day there was a crime alert. Cinderblock was on the rampage. Raven was sitting in the back seat of the T-Car between Beast Boy and Starfire. She seemed really tired and out of it. That was only confirmed when she lay her head on the Tamaranian's shoulder and closed her eyes. She giggled as she got a closer look at the half-demon's cape.

“Friend Raven, it is not good to neglect doing the laundry!" she whispered. "There is so much of the white stuff on it!” Raven didn't move an inch. But so close, Beast Boy overheard.

“White stuff?” Beast Boy said, who started sniffing her. “Smells kinda funny. Hey Rae Rae, did you get your dinner all over your clothes? Because I'll be more than happy to lick it right off!”

That woke Raven up right away. It earned him a magic punch right to the face too.



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