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;u; ahhh only one more episode left NOOOOOOOOO


gundam 1x11

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Prospeara is Elnora she is not lying about that ii think. She is also the developer of the Aerial. If you haven't read Cradle Planet yet, please do is such a nice small piece about Suletta's life on Mercury narrated by Aerial herself.

Sven Hegenbart

from like ep5-9 you can see their Gundams behind Denning but starting this ep you see Dunning replaced by the two girls from Earth The mom is the OG but what SUletta is unclear. The guy who was on the bigger size was once the pilot of the suit that killed Eris dad

Nate Zabinski

The end credits scene in episode 12 is unforgettable.


Yes! I caught up before the finale! I'm so glad I decided to watch this show after all! I have this weird hangup of having to do things in order and I've only seen the original Gundam and Gundam Z so I wasn't going to watch this before I'd watched like 35 years worth of Gundam but I decided to make an exception! Man, Suletta's feelings in this episode hit way too close to home. She really do be just like me fr fr. I'm kinda in that mind right now where I feel like I can't do anything right and that everyone would be right to hate me but I'm trying to fight it. I've been there before but I've had better times as well, I'm trying to work on it and I'm gonna start therapy again as well. Hm, maybe that's TMI, oh well. Witch from Mercury feels very different from 80's Gundam but it manages to hit a lot of the same themes as well, it's rather interesting. Original Gundam and Z were both these rather slow war dramas with a lot of politics and people getting caught up in these tragic spirals. G-Witch has that as well but the whole corporate warfare has a very different feel to it. The conflicts between Earthnoids and Spacenoids is alive and well too. The mobile suits in G-Witch are a bit more fantastical as well with the gund units and everything but I appreciate that a lot of the realism of the old shows is left intact. Few sci fi works do zero gravity as well as Gundam and they have mentioned lagrange points of hand as well which is super cool and I love that Gundam uses those real orbital mechanics. Super excited for the finale, haven't seen it yet but I have this sinking feeling that there will be tragedy.

James Gheen

"I'm trying my best." And you're doing amazing. Truly. You're putting in so many amazing reactions, especially with all you're going through. And you were the person that got me back into anime. I intend to watch Symphogear today to start following along with you :)


I mean, I've got a crackpot theory that Elnora uploaded herself into the helmet and, with Prospera being her "host". Taking the "Helmet = Bad Guy" archetype to the next level, if you will. :3


Lol Sophie is a blood knight, she never follows the game plan and rushes in head-long. Blood for the Blood God!

Sand Man

Hey love all the uploading, awesome how much work you put into this. are you still watching Vinland saga btw? You stopped right when it was getting good


Oh man, only one more episode and then Alicia's gonna have to wait until April just like us xD


I think she said she would continue it after she’s done with this anime

Nik Nak

There's a short story that takes place between season one and season 2, that I believe was voiced and put to images. It's called The Cradle World, and I'd def recommend it if you haven't checked it out yet.


Gotta make sure to smash the like button next episode.


Yeah this episode hit the remnants of my anxiety ridden adolescent self. Oh the toilet lunches.