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Mob 1x10

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Ah yes alicia is a fellow muscle mommy enjoyer

Lemon Rat

Thank you for the episode!


"I'm willing to drop-kick children for the greater good." -Alicia That's going framed on my wall.


Alicia is gaslighting Regen, DID YOU NOT SEE HIS ROCKSALT PUNCH???? Man, i would be afraid of him too...

Nuclear Boarhead

The way you burst out laughing after that end credits scene. I love it lmfao. That was incredible. And yeah, these next 2 episodes are straight up insane. I can't wait to see your reactions &lt;3


Iaidō is the name of the technique where you strike while quickly drawing the sword :)


Oh my god same about the frieza arc. As well as the first Vegeta arc. I’ve seen both like 20 times and I’ve never seen any other arc like at all.

Joey Cat

Dimple did seem a little sus this episode

Alexandre Géhin

after a good amount of time I can re watch or re read a piece of fiction if it was really good. and I found that I have a better time reading something I know is good for the second time than reading something shitty


@aliciaxlife if u want to watch the dbz arcs again then I would recommend DBZ Abridged by TeamFourStar. (If you haven´t watched it already of course)

Pierce Arner

Now I can't stop imagining Hayakawa with his huge hair suddenly turning to Mob and saying, "Call me Marge — 'cause I love you, homie!"

Pierce Arner

The, "Mu'fucka that's REIGEN!!" with absolutely zero acceptance of the possibility immediately following absolutely cracked me up.


Rewatches also have great entertainment potential imo. It just depends on how much the person has to talk about. Understandable not to do it if incomes' tight and every vid needs to hit. First time reacts typically draw more attention, but rewatches aren't fruitless. There are a lot of shows where people get even more invested the second time around or shows where things were hidden in plain site all along and is fun spotting them next viewing and comparing the perspective shift. First time viewings get a novelty boost, but rewatches have their own unique charms as well.