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Surprise! We finally did it guys. Through all the years It's just great to finally be here to release it to you guys and get it out there. Thank you all for being so kind and understanding cuz this project was pretty ambitious. I could not of done it without the help of you guys and the creators/friends who helped me finish this project! I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what your favorite scene(s) were!

The artist who painted the artworks you see - x.com/Noname_Waffel

In the .zip file I included all the artwork I commissioned for the end credits with some scrapped stuff that didn't make it into the animation as well


Download [ FULL .zip w/ deleted scenes/artwork] (Google Drive)

Download [Animation Only] (Google Drive)

Download [ FULL .zip w/ deleted scenes/artwork] (MEGA)

Download [Animation Only] (MEGA)

I ask that you don't repost these links. The full animation will be available to the public on July 6th.

Edit 3: Added back the MEGA links with the Google Drive links as well. Hopefully they work. I had no idea how annoying it was to share a file this big anywhere apparently

End Note

Also wanted to say how happy I am that you guys enjoyed the animation to those that have watched! Its great seeing everyone's reactions/thoughts to the final result after all this time working on it. You guys are so nice and supportive Idk how to react to all these nice comments, I have no words. Just a thank you for enjoying what I make. (as tacky as that sounds)

After the animation goes public on the 6th I'll make one last announcement before I take my hiatus for a while. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity!








Hell yeah nicely done <3 You've put so much work into this hopefully you can get some rest!


It’s actually here oh my good


The Gods have Praised us with the sight of this download!

Wh!z4rd _ (edited)

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2024-07-09 15:00:17 CONGRATS!
2024-07-03 14:09:10 CONGRATS!



Block tities here we go



Oaka Lucifer

Let's fucking goooo

bojiggley puffen

I have been looking forward to this day since the very start, and I'm so happy you were able to finish it!


Well looks like I’m not taking a nap right now anymore

Benjamin Nall

I like how there are now 69 videos, lol.😝




Slip, congrats man. This is truly a historic day


Bout to have a nice 2 hours

Dean Glessner

i'd encrypt this and send out the pw over DM's so that way it can't just be ripped


My body is ready


Mid, refund. (Jk)

alexis d

what a nice surprise :D txx man


the best Read Me I've ever read.


That feeling when early Shadow drop. Thanks slip, you're amazing


My guy this legit came out on my birthday, slip you have given me a really darn good present


congratz Slip on a job well done. when i have the time and time i need i'll enjoy this mastercraft.

Richy Rich

Comgrats!!! It's everything as amazing as you promised 👌🙌🙌♥️


Happy to see it finally out can't wait to see what you make next


its so...peak.......(cries)

Ali Universal

This is a whole movie! Thanks for your hard work


Thank you, Slip. For everything; your time, effort, and the quality you put into your work. I, as well as others, appreciate everything you do here. :)


All these years and I couldn't even muster the motivation to go to the Nether by myself. Yet you're here with a whole ass animation of it (my favourite!). You deserve all the credit in the world mate.



Maria Lopez

Take a well deserved breaks, Slip! This is beautiful


Hey I’m on mobile and it’s just refusing to unzip this or download this in mega is there any way you could do some other file sharing service?




Why do i see a waffle house at 36:26


The stick bug and the rabbit part killed me! Great work as always!

Blade Cook

Congrats on the release!

Jesus Douglas

Much love to you Slippery. I know this project has been a long ride. Thank you for all the hard work you've done for us <3

Skquaa Lol

well. its finally come


Doesn’t seem to let me whenever I try to export it it just says insufficient disc space



Brandon Ball

Please do. I tried downloading the full zip, but it didn't download and now I need to either pay premium or wait 5 hours to re-download it again.


Well the file is a couple gigabytes, do you not have enough available storage in your phone?


Sick, awesome




Phenomenal work! Definitely worth the wait. Take a nice well deserved break king.


Ahh that solved it just had to clear up some storage and it allowed me to export it thanks man!


Overall the animation was Absolutely amazing! I’m so glad that you didn’t rush it at all! :D It was so atmospheric and surprisingly sweets. I love how every mob interacted with Jenny, She’s just a super endearing character. Id be happy to see more videos of her just Interacting with more people. The sex was cool too lol


Just finished watching! What an amazingly odd adventure! Loved the memes the most. And may Chicken rest in piece.


Great work, Slippery! Been hyped to see this finished for a long while, can't wait to watch it. You've earned some much deserved rest and a break for sure, but I'll look forward to whatever you take on next!


Do you plan on doing much much smaller stuff than this? I can't imagine you'd start another project like this again. I would love to see more of Marie


This should be in theaters

Brandon Ball

I can't download it? Is anyone else having problems?


Congratulations on making it through, hell of a job to all involved


Love the README :)

Shadow Blackheart

You did unbelievably amazing I've been a fan of your work since the first Jenny's odd adventures. I expected. The animation to be great but I Didn't expect to feel like I was watching a movie kinda haha


that movie was amazing, funny jokes and amazing sex scenes, but i gotta ask..... why is there a mini mechanical eye of cthulhu on one of the enemyhips images????


You are the true goat go get yourself some time to just relax ill be waiting your great return!

Jesus Douglas

i just came back from watching. I loved the humor, perfect all around. Its was super polished and hands down one of the best animations ever created, seriously!


Forget GTA 6, boys. JOA 5 is released! Honestly, incredibly well done. The small details are so plentiful and well placed that this is undeniably a work of passion. If this isn't deserving of a break, I don't know what is. Like, truthfully, bravo. This is a level of project development some can only dream of and despite all the things that happen to developers (lack of motivation, depression, IRL shit, etc.), you just kept going and the finished product is here. Amazing. That said, fully agree with Hackmate. Marie content in the future, obviously of a shorter variety (heh... shorter), sounds amazing. Especially with all the anal content this one had packed in it.

Nicolas Wuetrich

You’ve spent so much time creating this animation, we’d love it if you could keep it up for a few days or weeks so you could earn some gratitude and appreciation from your community. Best regards Your thankful community

Redneck Muding

Hi I hope you take a break after just take some time to help yourself


I LOVED IT! The AC unit of the endermans hut had me cackling. Love your work Slip and hope you enjoy your break. As they say, ABSOLUTE CINEMA!!

Fuse 1882

Awesome movie! Loved the warden scene the most. Looking forward to more projects in the future after your break :)


worth the wait loved it

Alexander Garland

Truly phenomenal work. No doubt the highest quality animation I have seen in this medium. Bar none. I hope you find this as worth the effort as I found this worth the wait. Thank you.

Dark Angel of Light

would be nice if you can upload it on another cloud instead of mega. I downloaded the full pack but got a error by trying unpacking it. Now i cant redownload it and the Mega Player works pretty worst for me. D:


Mega is a BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'll update the links when I get home tonight! Been noticing some users are having issues with MEGA for some reason


i love the READ ME folder, it set the mood before i watched


100% worth the wait, just wish i could have supported earlier :v


I absolutely loved every minute of this~♥






Unquestionably still the best!

Brandon Ball

So, is Jean a Futa in this, or is she retconned as a he?


Loving all the meme references


10/10 this is some good shit my dude


Y'know after all these years, watching it all unfold, I always told myself "man i'm gonna go HAM on myself when I watch it! Marathon time! Can't stop, won't stop!" and many other lewd thoughts. But I honestly just kicked back and enjoyed the film!<3 Enjoyed all the beautiful sceneries, the little background funny sounds I'm sure hit all of our funny bones and the NSFW scenes ofc! Got a little chub here and there, but overall just sat and appreciated what blood, sweat and tears were put into it. Thanks for your hard work and dedication Slip, pushing through ALL the hard times and slippery slopes! You never stopped coming back after life kicked your ass down, it's been a ride for real! My condolences for your loss. Rest in peace Toby.. I had to put down my 14 year old best friend a couple years ago for health reasons. It isn't easy, but we both know the good boys can rest easy without pain or suffering. Time heals even the deepest of wounds, hang in there friend. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (if you have the time for about a 5-10 minute read) I would love to share something, if that's alright, maybe some inspiration if you will. I understand if this comment gets hate, deleted or even end in a ban, just know I was one of you and a supporter for all these years. You were like my family with similar filthy interests that we didn't have to hide. I love you all enough to tell you this life event, and it's okay if you have different opinions and backgrounds. This event TREMENDOUSLY changed my life that I'm kind of done with pornography altogether. This hard work from SlipperyT was kinda my finale and a farewell. The reason? Here's some context: I was born and raised Christian, BUT ABSOLUTELY didn't want anything to do with it, for it was shoved down my throat. Forced into to youth groups with random kids I didn't care for, church every sunday and all that stuff. 10 years into my adulthood I was the furthest from and didn't want anything to do with God. I had many partners, was a drug, porn, sex toy addict and a heavy drinker. I hit rock bottom and stayed there for a few years. Got very close to clicking 'yes' to that unalive thought in my head. One day last year, just like any normal sluggish day, my legs gave out as I was in the shower and crumbled to my knees, crying my heart out. Then it happened, I said a half ass, last hope, on WHIM prayer and IF Jesus WAS real. I asked God to reveal Himself through my tears. "Please Jesus, I don't want to do this anymore, I'M DONE. I don't wanna live anymore, i want to die!" Then suddenly blurted out.. "I know you're real! Please Jesus take this poison away from me, forgive me of my sins Jesus and I accept you into my heart and my life-" That's when I felt another warm and comforting presence pour over me through the lukewarm shower water... "-I don't wanna live like this anymore, I'm miserable, please take it away from me... please... in Jesus name I pray, Amen." That presence sat for a moment, then dissipated. For a day I was like "Nah coincidence" and brushed it off. The next day, same daily routine, smoked and hop in the shower with my sex toy. Then I heard a childhood famous song's lyrics play in my head "My God is an awesome God" by Michael W. Smith in my head like a FREAKING CHOIR. I couldn't shut it off the entire time I was in the shower... I was filled with adrenaline that completely overtook my body and I thought to myself, "it's now or never." Rushing out of the shower, I threw away THOUSANDS of dollars of sex toys, deleted 5 years of porn collecting, drugs and alcohol. Disinfected every inch of my room. That sweet release and weight off my shoulders is a feeling I wish for everyone suffering the way I was. As the weeks went by I watched "The Chosen" the life of Jesus and His is disciples. It's very good, and free to watch on their site! Picked up a Bible and many, many, spiritual and physical experiences followed. I asked Jesus for a hug on week 3 and my head, face, chest, arms, hands and fingers were... I can't even describe the feeling... but overwhelming, the best emotion would be pure joy which not alot can say have felt, besides mother's after giving birth. Then I cried like a new born, so many tears came out of my eyes it drenched literally half shirt. Wild thing was I ran to my sister who lived with me and told her everything over 5 freaking hours in one sitting! We both got baptized together about a month later at the church my father is part of the worship team and rekindled my family's relationships that were dead. Recently brought my brother in law to Christ as well and rebuilt up my sister's and his crumbling marriage! The last couple of experiences that made me a full on believer, I was scrolling on instagram. Watched a random video of a riot from a helicopter view on the freeway. Hundreds maybe thousands of people ran up to rob a diesel truck, then i heard the background noise of screaming, but was quiet the whole length of the video. I scrolled passed it, but came back to it as we often do in some videos. Those screams i heard intensified so greatly it struck my eardrums as if i were wearing headphones on full blast down into my soul.... I flinched so hard at the heart wrenching sound because i knew God was showing me a glimpse of what hell would be. Billions of people screaming. I wouldn't even want anyone to even hear it, it was horrifying. I was sent to the hospital i was hysterical over it among other health problems that followed. The very last punch that got me to fully believe that God and the devil, Heaven and hell were 100% real, was when I was laying in the hospital bed and I heard the voice of God, a whisper, a breath... come out of thin air, the word "Yaweh" the living God. That SHIT SHOOKETH me to my core, didn't know what to do beside sit there bug eyed. Now i know why there's that quote "Do not be afraid" said 365 times in the Bible. Angels and God are something we can only imagine, but terrifyingly beautiful, but behind the curtain, is God's true love for us. Jesus' sacrifice is the true definition of love. So yeah, i never believed until i went through it personally. "And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13 As i did. So the reason? I found God, Jesus Christ. Ngl it's F&#@ing hard, but so worth it. I'm not the same person I was a year ago, 9 months sober now, i love people, even the nasty things said to me for my love for Christ. 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mega wont let me download without the app, guess I'll have to wait till the saturday public release? Its all worth it though!


Better cinema than anything from phase 4 Marvel.


Hey Slip. That was amazing! The warden scene was probably my favorite. This was by far the greatest Minecraft porn animation ever to be cooked. As much as I'm sad the Jenny series has ended, I'm excited to see what you do next after this. Thank you for all your hard work Slip!


Does anyone know what software slippery uses to animate

Lionicio Gatica

Amazing animation man. Take all the time to relax you definitely need it ❤️

Kate Cat

This is such a fun one, I have laughed so much an I'm only 20 min in. 15/10 the best!!!


Thanks so much. I'm glad to see this project finished, and I appreciate all the work you put in. Watching this will be an epic experience.

Guy ???

I appreciate the work you put into it, this is a masterwork. Thank you


Watching this when I get home and congratulations on your completion and wish you luck on your new Journey and your new legacy


This is insanely good. You should do some swf spin off's of just what life is after. Never the less, amazing work!


This is definitely the highlight of the year! Congrats on the release. I can't wait to watch it when I'm home

Jason Franco

SlipperyT ilyyyy!!! Were so proud of everything youve done




we’re proud slip. good job


Ngl, chicken running directly at us needs to be looped. Turned it into a GIF immediately after seeing it.


Slip, you are the GOAT. Thank you for this gift to the world 🫡


MEGA legit SUCKS! It wouldn't let me finish the animation due to "Quota being used" and I couldn't get another view on it for another SIX HOURS!!!!


Slip, could you upload a link that is not mega? there is a transfer fee


Hells yeah! Love the work and love you


Idk why but I can't get it to play at all


Thank you so much! I wanna get into Blender so I can increase the amount of squish 😌


Is that for models and everything or is that the only software you use. Im wondering how put jenny and all the other characters into the video without making them blocky. Like how do you put them in with ass and boobs

Left Hand

The cuts version’s link was taken down 😭😭

Nikky D

Mediafire link for the Full zip is deactivated to due TOS crap :/


Honestly I think the fact that you animate with Mine-imator is sooo cool~! Genuinely, you do amazing work with it! Blender is very fun, but has its issues. That being said, it's definitely worth it~! I always encourage learning it~! Any time anyone shows interest, I'm just like "yes! do it!"~♥


Thank you for everything slip, I'm so glad I became part of your community ♥


After all these years. It took me to be an adult for this to get finished.


Perhaps separating the actual full animation from the zip could help out somewhat? It could help dealing with file size limits. If all else fails, torrents are also an option.

Tristain Pelton

slip it says that the file has been deleted on mediafire due to a violation of their terms of service


Excellent af, for all this time it confirmed itself


Had to wait till I was home to watch.....but bruh.....BRUH. its amazing how much quality people can put out that's better than some major production teams. Very well done Slip, the film speaks for itself and effort was NEVER wasted. ^__^


Full Zip download's been blocked by Mediafire. The Animation Only link still works though

Eggs Benedict

Became a patron specifically to help compensate you for this monstrosity of a project


Unfortunately, MediaFire blocked the Full File Zip; could we also get Mega Links? Also, thanks again for the fantastic work Slip!


SUGGESTION!!! I am currently subscribed to other creators that have utilized google drive and drop-box to give downloads to patrons. It worked without problems and may be of use to you! (plus, I have had bad experiences with media-fire in the past)


The adventure finally comes to an end. What a journey, much appreciated for the hard work! Hope the plans for future projects are successful also.


The cut content file blocked is blocked by media-fire. I know from the comments that your aware of this and wanted to suggest google drive or drop-box. As strange as those two may sound they have worked quite well with other creators I'm subscribed too!


Enjoyed the video and art design . Great work


joined to support you for this massive time investment. (Full file being deleted by mediafire is such a troll, damn them)


deleted scenes zip link don't work

Lucieran Neko

Deleted scenes link doesn’t work


deleted scenes zip link don't work

Ai Kisetsu

Thank you for your hard work. It is truly the long journey.


deleted scenes zip link don't work


thanks for the porn :3


Yeah I had no idea mediafire was gonna delete it within 30 minutes of posting it there. Gonna have a google drive link ready here shortly so crossing my fingers it lets me host it there!


We also used Modelbench which is an application made for Mine-imator. Lots of custom shapes and textures to make the form of the models look the way they do


I saw it until today because I wanted to wait, incredible animation, I really liked the settings and the truth is, the best I've seen this year :D. He is not the best English but I hope I can express myself well.


Links no longer work, please fix.

null (edited)

Comment edits

2024-07-09 15:00:17 yep, it says “Too many people have viewed the file”
2024-07-04 22:11:30 yep, it says “Too many people have viewed the file”

yep, it says “Too many people have viewed the file”


Why is this so difficult to host. Any ideas? Kinda running out of places to file host


WeTransfer is pretty good, but the free tier is 2GB only as well unfortunately. Though the plan with more space is only 12 euro a month, so maybe getting it for a month to host a big project could be a good investment to avoid people not having access like rn.


just wondering if you were working on a fix?


Does Mega get overwhelmed too? I use that and it hasn’t been too bad with me.


Love the new content! Go get some rest, we can wait till you feel completely fine! ❤️


It stopped working, it was working when I downloaded it to my device from Mega and unzipped it in my download can you add the megalink too instead please?

Timothy Tsotos

the download links dont work.

Kalyza Ureon

The first link is cursed xD

Zakk (edited)

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2024-07-09 15:00:17 Unfortunately all the sex scenes have been leaked on rule34video, It's not the full 47 min video but it's still a jerk move, they could have at least waited a couple days for it's official release or are they such a douchebag they couldn't wait a couple days, they even upscaled the video, the nerve of them.
2024-07-09 15:00:17
2024-07-09 15:00:17
2024-07-05 06:28:13

Billy Jones

Mega works just fine, chrome doesn't tho

Gregory Gasster

Deam Bro... This is basically real ART, what you did is incredible, the attention to detail, the memes, the scenes EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!!!! You are the reason why the NSFW It shouldn't be seen as something inherently bad or low class, I hope to see more of your crazy ideas and thanks for doing this, really 🙏🙏I don't know why I didn't support you before but from now on, your Patreon will be included in my monthly expenses, you are the best


Well done Slip, you're incredible for pushing through it till the end, even keeping the dragon in. It felt like a MOVIE with those credits and art, crazy good work. I cannot wait for what comes next and good luck.

Antonio yaurimucha

thanks for the "Jenny's Odd Adventure 5" slipperyt, now we want the "Jenny's Odd Adventure 6"

Golden Shoes

congrats my man! you did a very good job i think you need a long rest my dude

Jacob Meyering

I can't get the files to work

Anon Anon

I don’t care that’s it’s nsfw it’s so amazingly animated


It won't let me open or download the video 😞


Just finished watching the animation and I've gotta say, outstanding work. From the storytelling to the actual sex scenes and even down to the memes. Absolutely phenomenal. And I even got to see a name in the credits that I was never expecting to see again when it came to works like this. Thanks so much for this work of art and take your time to rest up. While this may have been Jenny's Odd Adventure, I'm sure this has been your most tiring adventure yet.


Incredible work

Dwayne Mundy

I can't believe you made a 47 minute animation just to stick bug us. 10/10 Would watch again


Thank you, I had been waiting for the 6th and hadn't even realized you released it on patreon yet, nice surprise!

Anime Otaku

this was worth the wait


the readme is silly

Mikazuki Angus

10 out of 10 my giggly guy. All the little sound fx were hilarious and made me laugh and the "that was an odd adventure" line I audibly said "role credits" ah beautiful. Looking forward to more stuff. Peace love and boners slip

ryan leong

That’s a really amazing amine, incredible work!


Great work I wonder what would've happen if the warden didn't get crushed

우 비

hey man I don't mean to interrupt, but download links are broke. Google doesn't even start and mage says upgrade my account by paying money. Do you have athor plans?


congratulations my man this is a wonderful accomplishment


Anyone not able to download it?


There really isn't a lot of places for me to host a file this large that won't get taken down immediately. Other services require me to pay to have more storage when I'm only really uploading a couple files. Have you tried using another browser or clearing your browser cache? Both pages load up just fine for me on incognito browsing even, not sure why this is happening to some people.


Alfred Hitchcock was silent after this dropped

Lets Leave

Watched this content for years and never sent any money towards SlipperyT's way, figured that now that I actually I have money and the big one dropped, it's about time.


Me ha parecido muy gracioso y acertado que hayas agregado sonidos de memes, sin duda; una animación de calidad. Esto es cine 🚬🗿.


What's the name of the upbeat song that plays while Jenny is riding the boat at 21:22? I can't find the name of it in the credits


This shit bussin lmao. This is great though, your style of animation is perhaps my favorite ouut of every other adult medai artist. :0


I don't usually pay for porn but I'm in awe at the sheer autism.


You did a great job it looks amazing the wait was worth it


I was obliged to pay you for this masterpiece, you absolute legend

Brett Kennedy

I know I am late but thank you and congrats honestly I hope you brake goes well


The final chapter for this odd adventure. Rest now you deserve it

Lord Vader

You deserve the long awaited break looking forward to your next project or whatever you do 🙂



Tony Rojas

It was incredible, great job. a little late but congratulations on this great project that I honestly consider to be one of the best animations I've ever seen.


Loved every second of it, you should take a break, you've worked hard to deliver and we all love your dedication


Do you plan on uploading on newgrounds?

Johnny Aury Craig

The level of passion put into this animation is honestly kinda stunning. Even aside from the quality of the naughty stuff, the actual lighting in this is top notch, and the expressions of every NPC and character is just top marks all around. This was well worth the wait overall, and I'm already excited for whatever else you may have next. I also do have to wonder if we'll see that egg hatch one day.


I frcking love the memes and all in this

Dekai the artist

I’ve to say it absolutely amazing, I loved the Perpetual change of mood and scenes in this project, to be a NSFW Minecraft animation that’s probably the nearest thing I could consider a Feature movie (that overpassed by FAR the Minecraft story mod animation style). I bought today the Patreon subscription, but I followed Jenny’s adventures since a while and I find it very well executed, rn I’m extremely curious about what you’ll came up whit and the new projects. I wish you a wonderful day ^^


Worth every fucking minute of waiting. DO IT AGIN!!! :D