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Hi everyone! I've completed this month's reward! This one is over 70 frames of animation, which is triple what I usually produce, but it wasn't so bad because I had fun with this one. I went with the goddess-like design because people seemed to really like it, and also needed to design a normal-version as well.

 This sequence references camera angles from Sailor Moon of course, but with some familiar moments that may remind you of Kill La Kill or Senran Kagura. There's so many sources of inspiration to pull from, it was challenging but fun to choose the many elements. I also figured out how to implement a scrolling background! Please remember to download the MP4 files to enjoy the better quality and sound effects! I would love to also attach the source Clip file, but due to the frame-count, it's actually beyond the maximum file size!

Once again, thank you all for your continued support to allow me to create original animations! I am exhausted as usual and will be catching up on some rest for now, but please look forward to next month's poll very soon! I haven't decided on a theme yet but feel free to throw suggestions!




Last minute justice! Worth the wait 💚


Gorgeous! You definitely deserve some rest from all this hard work!


This is super duper stunning!


Beautiful work, as always!


So so so good! It's so smooth too!


This... May be one your best, this is absolutely wonderful. You've outdone yourself...! Please get a good rest, you've earned it!!!!


I want to see a normal clothes version without her magical form