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  • SinnerAndAShow_Full_NoCredits.mp4



Full version with sound attached! + a small update below vvv

🎨 Animation: Me (obviously XD)
🎙️ Calico VA: Soleil (SFW)
🔊 SFX Edit: Me! (HentAudio's NSFW Pack 2) + a couple extras
🎵 BGM: "Smooth Lovin" Kevin MacLeod

Source Files (here)

The credits sequence just barely pushes the file size over patreon's limit T^T (it should be fine on discord though) I really need to figure out better ways to share longer animations. The versions I'll post on the socials will have the all the supporter names that made the cutoff around the end of April <3.

This is probably the last proper monthly exclusive for the time being (Switching to the ITLs Instead) I want to continue working on larger projects but this one has shown me I need to take my time and give them the love and care that they need... and probably offload some of the work like sound design XD So for the next month or so I'm going to be switching over to smaller animations. I love my characters and I'm glad you guys do too so I definitely want to do more with them in the future. I just dont think it'll be in a poll format for longer animations. I've already got another big project lined up for the next couple months and I'm currently working on the WIPS for it, so keep an eye out for my bunny boi!



Koni Toon

YOOOO, this is amazing!! Congrats on finishing the Calico animation!! :D


Thanks! I really need to start splitting off some of the work like sound design. All the time really starts to stack up for longer projects like this

Koni Toon

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Would cost a bit more, but it can help you get work done faster, too, if you find the right person! Here’s hoping to more extended animations with your OCs in the future! 🤞


I just finished watching it. Dope Animation man it was very SAUCY and SEXI


God this was amazing and I loved it