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Dear patrons,

I am sorry that I can't launch videos this month. I am working on both the Thanksgiving video and Christmas video at once but sadly none of these can be ready this month. However, both 02 videos are finished rendering and in audio editing, so you guys can have 02 videos soon.

Thanksgiving video has Chris and Ethan from RE8 and Christmas video has Johnny Cage from MK11

Here are review gifs:








Please be warned that Thanksgiving has some scenes which may not suit you. Join the Discord channel to see these scenes before you buy it.

These videos will cost around 7 - 8 Coins so make sure you have enough Coins for them.

Special Reward for New year 2022:

For Patrons who process their pledge on 1st Jan, you will get a bonus of 3 Coins no matter what your Tier is.

Thank you for your support! I hope the next year will be much better for all of us.

You guys are awesome!




The johnny video is cool but I'll pass , I think it will be cool to see like a tournament whit MK characters that will be hot. And the chris and Ethan video I think I'm adjusted to see Chris being the bottom I felt weird watching it lol


It’s ok. :)) It’s good for me to try new things but of course it may not for everyone. That’s why the Coins system is good that you have to waste it if you don’t like these videos, you can save it for the next projects


You’re awesome as always! Still saving up my coins for that new Dragon Age video so thanks for the reward! Happy new year and enjoy your holiday!!


Happy New Year!!! Hope you have a great 2022!!!


Christmas looks interesting 👀