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Degrassi "Ghost in the Machine" 4x1 & 4x2 Reaction (Steven)

  • Perfection (Does Everything Almost Perfect) = 10 15
  • Great Episode ( Filled With Great Moments That Everyone Will Love) = 8 - 9 3
  • A Really Good Episode (Filled With Good Moments You Will Enjoy) = 7 - 8 0
  • An Ok Episode (Mix of Good With Some Bad) = 6 - 7 0
  • 2023-11-17
  • 18 votes
{'title': 'Degrassi "Ghost in the Machine" 4x1 & 4x2 Reaction (Steven)', 'choices': [{'text': 'Perfection (Does Everything Almost Perfect) = 10', 'votes': 15}, {'text': 'Great Episode ( Filled With Great Moments That Everyone Will Love) = 8 - 9', 'votes': 3}, {'text': 'A Really Good Episode (Filled With Good Moments You Will Enjoy) = 7 - 8', 'votes': 0}, {'text': 'An Ok Episode (Mix of Good With Some Bad) = 6 - 7', 'votes': 0}], 'closes_at': None, 'created_at': datetime.datetime(2023, 11, 17, 16, 2, 22, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), 'description': None, 'allows_multiple': False, 'total_votes': 18}












Yea if Paige put up posters and spread the word that he is a rapist then he can sue her for defamation. Paige would have trouble based on the time she took to report and her having the world's worst lawyer ever. The best thing she could have done is get a witness to testify against Dean because Paige was definitely not his first rape sadly


Personally i think Joey asking Craig to help with rent is disrespectful and invalidates Craig feeling like family. Craig is like, 16 still. Craig is right, he'd never ask Angie to help pay bills, even when she's a teenager. That's why Craig said before in the previous season that he doesn't really have a family, he feels more like a roommate and Joey asking for help validates that. Even if he said that at the end, it still felt off to me. Also, Spinner is many things but he's always a great boyfriend.

emily ღ

thank you for saying that! i always get very uncomfortable when parents expect their kids to pay them rent. i could kiiinda see it if they're adults living at home but he's still just 16. i still think it'd be crummy to ask that of an 18 yr old when they have other expenses/worries to consider. kids don't ask to be born and you aren't owed anything by them for having them. that attitude made me feel so sorry for him! no wonder he feels like an outsider in his own family.

Kristal Whalen

I think it’s time you find out about the most important thing in degrassi, the void. Some characters just fall into the void. Like Tobey dated Kendra but she was also spinners sister and now we’re not ganna see her anymore and Terri is gone. Others will fall victim to the void.

Simone Cherie

Will always miss the gospel theme song - it was random yes but it was memorable