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Jana Fuller

So excited for this ive only actually seen the first few episodes of this one but I love next generation ❤️❤️

I Am Not Chamari

So, Stephanie isn’t in the Next Generarion! And yes, you are finally witness to the complete menace that Joey Jeremiah used to be. I like to think of him as a JT/Spinner hybrid, especially at this point in the show. It’s also really interesting to draw parallels from this series to next Gen. as you mentioned, Steph feels very Paige/Manny while Voula feels like an Emma. Other people that make first appearances in this first episode: You’ve seen Joey and Snake… yes, that’s Spike with the crazy hair. Emma’s father, Shane, is also one of the boys ogling Steph this episode. Lucy, who makes an appearance in the first episode of Next Gen and I believe at Spike’s baby shower we see a glimpse of in the Grade 8 classroom. We also see Caitlin looking on in disgust outside of the girls’ bathroom (short hair and headband). Wheels, who is mentioned very briefly in the first ep of Next Gen, also makes an appearance this episode. Everyone else I believe is just in this series.

Jana Fuller

The brother sister dynamic in This one was like the first few episodes of next Gen with Ashley and Toby and Ashley ran for president too

Kristal Whalen

So like next gen you get multiple stories with this show but I always felt that Joey and Caitlyn was one of the main characters we see regularly others you get less episodes of